Oct 4 2011




-The world's most powerful and expensive telescope, Alma,  has started operating this week in the high deserts of Chile. The huge observatory will have the capacity to locate a new galaxy every three minutes. The photograph above is a composite between Hubble and Alma of the Antennae galaxies.

-Since DADT was repealed, the military has been making positive decisions left and right. Some on the civilian side of government should take notice. The Pentagon announced that military chaplains can officiate at same sex weddings.

-Conservative retailer Walmart has surprisingly added protections for its Trangender employees. Good for them.

-After playing for almost four years, Broadway's musical "Billy Elliot" is set to close on January 8, 2012. It won ten Tony Awards including "Best Musical." The show has been seen by over 1.6 million people and totally recouped its investment.

-A Washington Post/ Pew poll shows that 45% of Americans believe that America has become a nation divided into 'haves' and 'have-nots.'

-"Hung" Actor Thomas Jane says he was a male escort for other men in his youth in Los Angeles to help make ends meet.


-Bravo to the Italian Court that released American Amanda Knox who soon will be coming home. I am absolutely convinced that she was innocent and has spent four horrible years in prison!

-ACLU in Rhode Island has released a detailed report on why the recently passed civil unions are a 'fiasco' and the state must move toward marriage equality.

-A new Gallup Poll says that 55% of Americans believe that a third party is needed. Independents want a new party by a huge 68%.

-An ABC/Washington Post Poll tells us that 55% of Americans do not expect President Obama to win re-election. It can only go uphill from here!

-Add Nigeria to the growing list of African nations embracing witch hunts against the LGBT community. LGBT couples in the populous African nation could face up to three years in prison. Anyone assisting them in marriage would face jail time and large fines.

-Who would have thought we would ever see the day?  The United States Senate confirmed openly gay Robert Lee Pittman to be a United States Attorney in the Western District of Texas. His nomination was supported by both United States senators from Texas!

-Boston.com's Big Picture has a photojournalism spread on global protests that have been taking place. Below is one of those photographs from a bold demonstrator in Bolivia fighting for university reform but click here to see all of them and get photographer credits.


-You can't get more 'redneck' than country singer Toby Keith which makes his statements on marriage equality all the more surprising. He thinks fighting over a piece of paper (marriage license) is a big deal about nothing and we should let everyone get married. Talk about progress!

-West Hollywood has opened up a sleek new library with spectacular views. Click here and take a tour!

-While we are cutting back on space exploration, China has launched a bold new space program including creating a new space station. The U.S. will regret cutbacks to NASA's budget.

-Equality Maine is halfway toward its goal of collecting enough signatures to place marriage equality on next fall's ballot. Make a contribution by clicking here.

-Tea Party Conservative Republican Congresswoman Renee Ellmers has come out against the anti-marriage equality amendment that will be on the North Carolina ballot next May. She says it just goes too far.

-A Boston Herald poll shows that Elizabeth Warren continues to run even with incumbent Republican Senator Scott Brown in Massachusetts. It also shows that Democrat Joe Kennedy would be ahead of Brown by 8% if he decided to run (which is not likely).

-Openly gay candidate for mayor of San Francisco,  Bevan Dufty, has done a delightful and moving ad with his child, Sydney. It it is believed to be a first where a openly LGBT candidate has used their child in a political ad. Take a look.