Oct 6 2011



Kopay 11 
Dave Kopay

Since the first of July, the amazing sports site for the LGBT community has been counting down "Outsports 100 Most Important Moments In LGBT Sports History." What a fascinating list. The compilation only focuses on the period from just after the Stonewall riots to present day. There is no question that the list can generate many a heated discussion at dinner parties. However, the good folks at Outsports have taken an impossible task and come up with what I think is an excellent list.

Here are the first ten and to see the other 90 moments just click here.

1. Football Player Dave Kopay Comes Out (1975)

2. Tennis Player Martina Navratilova Comes Out (1981)

3. Tennis Player Billie Jean King Outed (1981)

4. Publications of the classic book "The Front Runner" (1974)

5. The First Gay Games Held In San Francisco (1982)

6. High School Football Player Corey Johnson Comes Out To Team Mates (2000)

7. Baseball Player Billy Bean Comes Out (1999)

8. Homophobia Baseball Player John Rocker Spew Homophobia to "Sports Illustrated" (1999)

9. The First Gay Baseball Series Was Held In San Francisco

10. Aussie Matthew Mitcham Wins Diving Gold in 2008 Olympics (2008)

The following video is in French but captures perfectly the excitement of Mitcham's perfect dive and the celebration afterwards.