Oct 24 2011




Not sure when it is permissible to nominate someone for next year's Nobel Peace Prize. High on the list of possible nominees should be entertainer, activist, writer and civil rights crusader Harry Belafonte. By the time you are finished viewing HBO's "Sing Your Song," the documentary on the life of the amazing Belafonte, you will be in awe of what this man has accomplished in one lifetime.

This documentary should be shown in every classroom in America to illustrate how a person can live a principled and successful life and change the world. Even if you are of the age where you grew up with the singer, you will find yourself stunned at all his work when it is placed back to back in this film. The man lived, shaped and loved this planet for his entire time on earth and stunningly he is not yet done.

"Sing Your Song" is so right on so many levels. Educationally it teaches the history of the civil rights and peace movements. You get to hear the horrific stories of the red-baiting era. The massive censorship of the networks of his television shows. His refusal to bend or blink in the face of injustice. The story of Sidney Poitier and him traveling to Mississippi in the summer of 1964 has you on the edge of your seat and wondering how in the hell they ever survived that trip.

The film shows his friendships with Bobby Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Eleanor Roosevelt and Nelson Mandela. He is a walking history book and thank God they made this splendid film brilliantly directed by Susanne Rostock. For the next weeks, I am sure HBO will be rerunning this documentary and you should find it, watch it and sit back in awe of this astounding individual.

Can't wait to see what he does next!