Nov 22 2011




-The play that packed celebrities into the theater in New York City is now heading to the West Coast. The LA premiere of "8" will take place on March 3 at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre. The one night event again will be a benefit for the American Foundation for Equal Rights which is fighting Proposition 8 in the courts. Actor and Director Rob Reiner (above) will direct the Dustin Lance Black play.

-My friend Kenneth Walsh of "Kenneth in the (212)" fame has spectacular, fun and witty coverage of the OUT 100 party held this past week. Kenneth misses nothing that is going on in New York City.

-The Republican movement toward Newt Gingrich continues and for the first time "the Newt" leads in a CNN National poll. He leads Romney 24% to 20%. Pizza King Cain is at 17% and Rick Perry still manages somehow to find 11% of the voters who think he is smart enough to be President. Even more interesting is that the poll shows that 70% of Republicans would be pleased if he won the nomination. That is up from 51% in May!

-Continuing the Newt bandwagon is the Public Policy Poll from California which had "The Newt' at 33% and Romney at 23%!  Among Cain voters, 42% say Newt would be their second choice compared to only 12% for Romney.

-As we listen to the all the ranting from the Republicans, now would be a good time for you all to donate to Obama for President.

-NASA has released the most detailed and sharpest map of the moon ever. It is so beautiful that it makes you want to pick out a spot for your vacation home!


-Jazz legend Dave Koz has been nominated for a "Soul Train Award" for his classic "Hello Tomorrow." You can vote for him by just clicking here. Voting took me just five seconds - it is that easy.

-"Light Box" at has amazing portraits of American poverty. You suddenly realize it is your neighbor next door.

-For the first ever, student loan debt has passed American credit card debt. Seems to me if we wanted to 'stimulate' the economy then we should just forgive the student loan debt and watch all those young people start buying products for their homes.

-In a real academic coup, Dr. Cornel West (below)has decided to head to New York and join the faculty at Union Theological Seminary. West is one of the nation's leading intellectuals. Union took him from Princeton. West will be Professor of Philosophy and Christian Practices. Bet there are a lot of smiles at Union and not so many at Princeton!


-A tragic and horrible fire in India has devastated a celebration of 2,000 transgender people. At least 13 members of the community have died in the fire.

-The insanity gets more insane as one of the victims of alleged child molester Penn State's Jerry Sandusky was forced from his school in his senior year because of bullying. Again, the victim pays even a greater price.

-Michele Bachmann's new Iowa Chair Tamara Scott says if marriage equality continues then people can be married to objects like the Eiffel Tower according to "Gay Voices." Wonder if these people have ever heard the phrase "job creation?"

-Latest Public Policy Poll from California shows that if marriage equality was on the ballot statewide today that it would win 48% to 43% with the rest undecided.


-The Advocate is reporting that Kelly Ripa kind of got turned on by seeing her husband Mark Consuelos kiss Craig Bierko in the play 'Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays." Have always had a secret man crush on Bierko (photograph above).

-Speaking of California polls, President Obama can relax about the Golden State. He beats Mitt Romney his nearest opponent by 21 points. He beats "The Newt" by 26 points. That is called a major landslide!

-Americans are still stressed and divided over the war in Iraq. A recent Pew Poll showed that 48% of Americans believe going to war there was the right decision and 46% thinks it was the wrong decision. The remaining 4% can't believe we're still having this idiotic discussion...

-My heart goes out to the people of Egypt who continue to sacrifice their lives in the battle for democracy. In an effort to remove army generals from power they have taken to rallying again in Tahrir Square. Dozens have been killed in the last couple of days.'s Big Picture has nearly four dozens incredible photographs of this struggle. Here are some and be sure to click here to see the rest and the all important photographer credits!