Nov 29 2011




Los Angeles
City Councilman Bill Rosendahl and City Council President Gil Garcetti Endorses Torie Osborn

-The race in California's 50th Assembly District is dividing the LGBT community in Los Angeles. Pitting long time lesbian activist and visionary Torie Osborn against a more establishment straight ally, Betsy Butler. Blogger Karen Ocamb of LGBTPOV has written an interesting article about the race.

-With the addition of former Equality California's Development Director Eric Harrison, the California organization "Love Honor Cherish" is still hoping to place marriage equality on the California ballot next November. Harrison will serve as Executive Director. At this stage, they face an uphill battle.

-In New York, three term Mayor Matt Alexander of Wappingers Falls has announced he is seeking the 19th Congressional district seat as an openly gay Democrat. The district lies just north of New York City and is currently held by a Tea Party Republican! The town, by the way, named after a native American tribe, lies in Duchess County,

-Climate change is all about extremes and not necessary being warm all the time. In a massive report, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says that extreme weather events are already occurring, inflicting great damage and loss of life. They urge all governmental entities to start preparing immediately for extreme weather events.

-The last week or two has been like an award show at the Glass House Tavern. Seen breaking bread at the West 47th Street eatery was Tony-nominated actor Bobby Cannavale (photograph), The Good Wife's Alan Cumming, Patti LaPone, Mandy Patinkin, Angela Bassett, Courtney Vance, Frances McDormand and husband Joel Coen , jazz legend Dave Koz and NBA's Commissioner David Stern!


-Herman Cain is the gift that keeps giving - at least to Newt Gingrich. As news of an alleged long term affair surfaced this weekend, Cain supporters are flocking to Newt. This strengthens the momentum that Gingrich is building. By the way, Iowa is just 33 days away....that's right...a little over a month!

-Speaking of Newt, the latest National poll has him at 32% and Romney at 23%. The spread keeps getting larger as Cain's gets smaller. Also a new CNN Poll has him with a seven point lead over Romney in Iowa. He lays it out for Iowa Conservatives by saying, "I don't claim to be the perfect candidate. I just claim to be a lot more conservative than Mitt Romney."

-Legendary blogger and radio personality Michelangelo Signorile has been anointed by the Huffington Post as the new "Editor-at-Large" on their "Gay Voices" page. This is a real coup for the Post.

-Former Massachusetts State Senator and President of GLAAD, Jarrett Barrios, has been selected to be the new head of the Massachusetts Red Cross.

-Universal Pictures cracked one billion dollars domestic gross so far in 2011 and another $1.3 billion in overseas revenues. Someone is getting a nice holiday bonus!

-Violent floods swept Italy this month and the following video will give you a taste of them.

-George W. Bush had to cancel a trip to Switzerland for fear of being arrested on torture charges. Just when you think it is all behind you, that pesky 'War Criminal' sobriquet rears its ugly head....

-Believe it or not, this is not good news. The Brazilian Wandering Spider can cause a four hour erection. Sound good? Not so fast also can cause intense pain and inflammation.

-If the Russian election for President were held today, Vadimir Putin's party would get only 53% according to the latest national poll.

-According to Sky News at least six people are dead in England after some evangelical churches had convinced them that they had been healed of HIV/AIDS by Jesus. They insisted the members of their churches stop taking their meds!

-At least 7% of American homeowners have lost their homes to foreclosure. Take a look at these listings for some homes selling for as much as $100 million and they are being bought by the 1%!


-Over 1,300 Germans were arrested (photograph above) as they attempted to stop a shipment of nuclear waste by rail across their country.

-Really bad news has arrived from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. They have run out of money to fund any new grants around the world and won't be making any new ones until 2014!

- Meanwhile, according to CNN, southern American cities such as Atlanta, Memphis, New Orleans, Orlando and Charlotte are showing a dramatic increase in the number of new case of HIV/AIDS

-Incumbent Democratic Senator Bob Casey looks good for re-election in Pennsylvania. The latest Public Policy Poll has him with the closet Republican candidate still trailing by 11 points.

-To fully understand the impact of the great Japan earthquake watch the following video. It might appear confusing at first because of the language barrier but when it reaches the end of March you will have a shock. You only have to watch the first two and a half minutes. Be patient and check it out.