Nov 1 2011




-Doesn't Alan Cumming look just adorable? Ed Kennedy on printed this wonderful picture of Alan.

-Alan van Capelle and Matt Morningstar had their first child. On October 26, Ethan George van Capelle Morningstar joined the world. Everyone is doing fine.

-In the can't believe they said that department, Lonely Planet, the travel guide owned by BBC Worldwide, has picked - get this - Uganda as a top travel pick. God, I can't wait to take a bunch of LGBT friends and vacation in a country where homophobia is rampant! What are they thinking?

-Former National Football Commissioner Paul Tagliabue and his wife, Chandler, have made a $5 million dollar donation to Georgetown University. What is interesting about this gift is that, according to the Washington Blade, $1 million goes to the creation of a program for LGBT studies. Wow.

-This is the 20th anniversary of "The Perfect Storm" that slammed the East Coast with huge waves, high winds and tons of damage. A front combined with Hurricane Grace and then sat off land for several days. The video is the USS Kitty Hawk in the storm facing 90' waves!

-A Florida Panther was hit by a car and killed this week. The Panther used to roam all over the entire Southern United States. Currently there are only about 150 adult Florida Panthers left.

-Despite current sexual harrassment accusations, the Pizza King Cain continues to be on top. The Quinnipiac Poll has him beating Romney in Ohio! The poll shows Cain at 28% and Romney trailing at 23%. A distant third is Newt with just 7%.

-The Democratic House Majority Pac has released a list of twelve Republican districts that they feel can be transferred to the Dems in the next election. Many of the Republicans were hurt by redistricting.

-Don't think Elizabeth Warren running to be the Democratic nominee for Senate in Massachusetts will have any problem finding volunteers! This photograph from Mother Jones shows a volunteer meeting for Warren taking place in Framingham, Massachusetts! Unbelievable!


-Karen Ocamb of LGBTPOV writes a powerful article on why the Occupy Movement should be important   to the LGBT community.

-Speaking of the Occupy Movement, there is story about photographer David Shankbone who has become the 'unofficial photographer' of the Occupy Wall Street protests. The article features his fifteen favorite photographs.

-In the latest extensive Economist Poll, people across the nation were asked to rank the issues most important to them. The top five were the economy (44%), social security (15%), healthcare (9%), budget deficit (8%) and education (7%). Republicans please take note in that gay rights got a whooping 2% in the poll!

-The Des Moines Register poll got a lot of attention because of the tight race between Cain and Romney. However most interestingly former Senator Rick Santorum who has particularly lived in Iowa by visiting 70 of Iowa's 99 counties received only 5% of the vote.

-OUT Magazine  has started unveiling their "OUT 100" by releasing the first ten names. They posed the individuals selected as figures from the past or art. Dustin Lance Black sure looks hot in the pictures. (If you want to see what I look like as Sir Winston Churchill, you can find me among the ten).


-President Teddy Roosevelt was a huge trust buster and fought the big monopolies. Upon returning to his beloved Harvard to speak at his 30th class reunion as President, many of those in the audience stood and turned their back to him for betraying industry! Guess ole "Rough and Ready" might have been staying down at Occupy Wall Street.

-Now this has to hurt! In the new University of Texas/Tribune poll on the Republican candidates, Herman Cain got 27% and Texas's own Governor Rick Perry received 26%! Romney was fourth at 9%.

-Wisconsin is going to be a tough state for President Obama. He won significantly in 2008 and now in the latest poll leads Romney by only 3%. At the beginning of 2011 he had a 12% lead over Romney. Have to move Wisconsin now into the toss-up column.

-Finally here is a feature piece from "Good Morning America" about mothers2mothers in Africa. As you know it is one of my favorite organizations and this ABC News clip explains why: