Nov 23 2011




There is little doubt that, at this point, the race for the Republican nomination for President is between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. Now in this surprising year of numerous frontrunners we can't be surprised at any more changes. However, with the first vote to take place in Iowa in just 39 days it appears the battle between the two is in place. So where does "The Newt" stand on LGBT issues? Despite having a half sister, Candace, who is an out lesbian, he is simply awful beyond words. Here are some examples:

-He has been an active and vocal supporter of placing an amendment banning marriage in the United States Constitution

-He has called marriage equality an aberration!

- He supports the lawsuit by Congressional Republicans to defend DOMA.

-He is even opposed to domestic partnerships in private industry.

-He is absolutely against adoption by same sex couples

-He is against the passage of ENDA

-He has personally called homosexuality a sin and should be treated as such.

-He explained in a radio interview last week that “the secular world,” which advocated same sex marriage, was connected to the United State’s economic downfall.

“The concept of family being between man and woman and the concept of all these core values that grow out of 3,000 years of Judeo-Christian tradition,” he said on Catholic Radio San Diego, according to On Top Magazine. “This is a direct threat to the entire secular world.”

-In an Iowa Conservative Forum Newt indicated he would 'abolish' or 'ignore' courts that made marriage equality decisions.