Nov 11 2011



Black Rhino

Just weeks after the Javan Rhino was declared extinct in mainland Asia the International Union for the Conservation of Nature has stated that the subspecies Western Black Rhinos no longer exist roaming in the wilds of Western Africa. BBC reports that the organization says 25% of all mammals are on the verge of extinction. Soon to join the Javan Rhino and Western Black Rhino is a subspecies of the White Rhino in Central Africa.

The species of Black and White Rhinos are increasing worldwide but we are also seeing subspecies disappear from wide geographic locations around the world. The massive area of Western and Central Africa just made it impossible for conservationists with limited resources to protect these subspecies from poachers.

In South Africa, the BBC reports a record 341 rhinos have been poached so far in 2011. Poachers just barbarically saw off the horn and leave the animals to bleed to death. Up to 2005, an average of only 36 rhinos where killed but that number has skyrocketed since then. This year ten times that amount have already been killed.

Here is a video showing ten most recently declared extinct species - never again to be seen.