Nov 18 2011




No matter if you are a drug lord, rebels terrorizing women in the Congo or terrorists seeking to do untold damage, there is just under a 1 in 3 chance you got your armaments from the United States. For years the impression has been that the collapse of the Soviet Empire flooded the market with dangerous weapons, and indeed Russia shows up in the #2 spot. But also the perception has been created that Israel was supplying massive amounts of arms to African insurgents. Well, they didn't even make the top ten.

Creating legislation that would cut back on American arms exports would be an important step in the right direction in stopping senseless violence in the world.

According to SIPRA Arms Transfers Database here are the top ten arm exporters from 2006 to 2010. The total percentage follows the countries names.

1. United States (30%)

2. Russia (23%)

3. Germany (11%)

4. France (7%)

5. United Kingdom (4%)

6. Netherlands (3%)

7. China (3%)

8. Spain (3%)

9. Italy (2%)

10. Sweden (2%)