Dec 8 2011




-If some of the Republican presidential candidates believe they are having a rough time, they can be grateful they are not Florida's Republican Governor Rick Scott (above) . At 26% approval in the latest poll, the Sunshine State Gov has the lowest approval rating in the nation.

-That same poll showed that if ex-Republican Governor Charlie Crist would switch to the Democratic Party he would beat Scott in the next election by an astounding 55% to 37%. Even a quarter of the Republicans would vote for Crist.

-The Newt is beginning to feel the pains of not having an organization in place. Not making the deadline for the Missouri ballot was not a big deal since the delegates are selected in caucus. He just barely made the Ohio ballot and that would have been a really big deal.

-The new Qunnipiac Poll shows that Newt runs even with the President in Florida and Ohio while Obama leads by 8 points in Pennsylvania.

-Jay Leno on his "Tonight Show" monologue says:

 "Hey Newt Gingrich met with Donald Trump yesterday. There's a good combination. Two guys, six wives, zero chance of either one of tem ever becoming President of the United States!"

-Governor Rick Perry is 'going balls to the wind' (as they say in Texas) and investing two million dollars in ads in Iowa. Having fumbled on just about everything he touches this election year he has fallen back in this ad on good old fashioned hate acting appalled that gays and lesbians can serve in the military! How ironic that this man who has known gays all his life resorts to this kind of cowardly attack. When you are just plain stupid I guess you just attack the gays no matter how many you have known up close and personal.


-John Avlon at The Daily Beast has written a really interesting article - "10 GOP Endorsements That Still Matter In 2012's Presidential Election." Among the ten power brokers he cites are Florida's Jeb Bush, Sarah Palin , Senator James DeMint (R-SC) and Iowa Governor Terry Branstad.

-Included in that list was Senator John McCain who word on the street is that he will endorse Mitt Romney after Iowa and before New Hampshire. . Evidently the recent endorsement by Dan Quayle of Romney is not going to create a mass of voters rushing to polls for the candidate.

-You got to hand it to Romney for joining Huntsman and Paul and refusing to participate in the Donald Trump circus they are calling a debate.

The Boston Herald is reporting that Elizabeth Warren is now leading incumbent Republican Scott Brown by 7 points!

-While Obama is not wildly popular in Colorado these days they sure like him better than good old Newt. In a Public Policy Poll, the President beats Newt by 8%. Only 32% of voters in the state have a favorable opinion of Gingrich.

-All the polls are shouting it is "Newt, Newt and Newt." The latest National Gallup poll has Gingrich at 36%, Romney at 23% and Ron Paul at 9%.

-Public Policy Polling has Gingrich up among Republicans in two states. In Colorado it is Gingrich at 37% to Romney's 18%. In North Carolina, Gingrich is pulling an amazing 51% to Romney's tiny 14%.

-Newt also has surge into the lead in South Carolina according the CNN/Time Poll. Newt has 43% to Romney's 20%. Every other candidate is in single digits with Perry being third way back at 8%.

-Respected Politico writer Mike Allen has written an interesting article entitled "Why Newt's Surge Is For Real".

-"The" has a cute story showing the first time the candidates for President were ever mentioned in the press. Here is one example of one of Rick Perry's mentions: