Dec 15 2011




-An already bizarre election just got more odd. The extreme right wing former candidate for Senator from Delaware, neo-witch Christine O'Donnell, just endorsed Romney for President. She said he has stayed consistent since he changed his mind. Yep, you read that right. Even more bizarre is that the Romney campaign actually put a press release out about the endorsement!

-Herman Cain told Barbara Walters that he wants to be Secretary of Defense in a new Republican presidency!  This from a man who struggle where Libya is located!

-Count Virginia on the Gingrich train as of now. He leads Romney by an astounding 26 points according to the dependable Public Policy Polling. The South is becoming Newt country with him up 37 points over Romney in North Carolina and taking Florida by 30 points. Newt must be walking around whistling "Dixie."

-On the other hand the same polling shows that Obama is in good shape in Virginia. He leads Romney by 6 points and Gingrich by 7 points. That is about the same margin he took the state in 2008. Is Virginia starting to become a Blue State in Presidential elections?

-President Obama must be smiling with the AP news story that 2.5 children and young adults are now enrolled in insurance programs since the passage of the health care legislation. That is a major figure in such a short time.

-Those who dislike Governor Rick Perry's "Strong" ad is now at 682,000 to 22,000 who like it. That is a all time record for Wonder if it will ever hit a million?

-Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov (photograph) has announced a run for the Presidency of Russia. He is a long time ally of Vladimir Putin and those in the know are suspicious of his candidacy. In addition, the billionaire is a huge 'party boy' and loves to have a good time.


-Right up there with Christine O'Donnell's endorsement of Romney has to be the endorsement of Gary Busey of Newt at the beginning of the week and then withdrawing it by the middle of the week. Did something happen in those two days with your candidate, Gary, that we missed??

-The loons on the lake are restless tonight. Glenn Beck says if Newt is the nominee he might support Ron Paul if he runs as a third party.

-The former Republican governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson, is expected to leave the Republican Party tomorrow and become a member of the Libertarian Party. Are we looking at a Paul/ Johnson ticket in the Fall?

-Quinnipiac Poll shows the Newt bandwagon hitting north of the Mason-Dixie line. In Pennsylvania, Newt has a 24 point lead over Romney and in Ohio he leads by a whopping 28%.

-Here is the best political tweet of the week sent by @lizzwinsted. "If Donald Trump was the suspect in a crime, he still wouldn't be a person of interest."

-Voters in Pennsylvania are not thrilled that Penn State coach Joe Paterno was fired. By a slim 52% to 43% margin the voters in the Keystone State supported the firing.

-Is Jon Corzine the first former senator to be subpoenaed by the United States Senate? According to Senator Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) it is indeed the first time that has ever happened.

-Every indication is that the Presidential primary in Ohio will be moved from June up to March. Agreement has been reached by both parties in the Ohio legislature.

-Public Policy Polling has Newt doing well in the West. In New Mexico Newt leads Romney by 25 points. New Mexico voters hometown boy, Gary Johnson, is third with 11%.

-Congressman Chris Murphy (D-NC) was extremely articulate on the floor the House of Representatives as he spoke of Lowe's Home Improvement removing all its ads from "All American Muslim."