Dec 6 2011



-The world is about to have its second openly LGBT Prime Minister. Joining Iceland's lesbian Prime Minister Johanna Siguroardottir will be Elio di Rupo of Belgium (above). The Socialist should be sworn in today and form a government at the request of King Albert II. When asked if he was gay he simply said, "Yes, so what?" He has his work cut out for him in the deeply divided and economically troubled nation.

-In a teaser on Twitter, Public Policy Polling says that Newt Gingrich in North Carolina will be the first candidate to get above 50% in a state that is not their home state. This always has been one of Newt's strongest states.

-Big news coming out of Maine! In just twelve weeks, Equality Maine has gathered over 100,000 signatures to put marriage equality on the ballot. The Pine Tree State will vote next year and the polling is looking good.

-A social worker, Carol Mapley, will be the first Transgender person running for public office in Scotland. She will seek a seat on the Castle Douglas and Glenkins Council.

-Scottish sculptor Martin Boyce has won the very prestigious Turner Prize. The award is given to a British artist under 50 who had the best exhibit in the last year.

-Did you know that archaeologists estimate that there are over 20,000 slaves in different burial sites in New York City? has collected and presented over 55,000 signatures to the Nigerian consulate in New York to protest anti-LGBT legislation in that nation.  They collected them in just a long weekend.  This is an amazing organization and you can still sign the petition by clicking here.

-In the NBC/ Marist Poll, Gingrich has jumped 20 points in New Hampshire and is in striking distance of Romney .

-Buckingham Palace has had the first reception for the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee. Everyone seem to be able to make it with Kate and William smiling throughout. This kicks off a year of activities.

-Oh God, don't you wish you were an investor? On November 29, the Broadway smash musical Book of Mormon recouped its entire capitalization. It is all profit from now on and last week they played to a 102% house.

-The Los Angeles Times has a terrific story on openly gay philanthropist David Bohnett (below). He is currently the Chair of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and has given nearly $20 million to LGBT causes over the years. Be sure to read this wonderful article.


-Dr. Jeff Masters of writes that if Hurricane Irene's winds had just been 10 mph higher the subways of New York City would have completely flooded. The entire article is amazing about the consequences of the Hurricane in the New York City area.

-You can find hope in Massachusetts! Elizabeth Warren is leading incumbent Republican Scott Brown by 4% according to UMass Amherst Poll. had director John Waters select his ten favorite movies of 2011.

-Sundance Film Festival will premiere the documentary on Bishop Eugene Robinson - "Live Free or Die." This film reunites the team of Macky Alston and Sandra Itkoff.

-Bil Browing of the "Bilerico Project" has a good article that will make you think twice before putting any money in the Salvation Army's little red buckets this holiday season.

-The second Presidential candidate to endorse marriage equality is a Republican. Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson joins openly gay presidential candidate Fred Karger in supporting same sex marriage.

-Love this spot from Canada celebrating the nation's embracing of marriage equality.