Jan 11 2012



March Picture Capitol

With his substantial victory in New Hampshire, turning the tide against Mitt Romney is going to be very difficult for any of the remaining candidates. Santorum had to struggle to break 10% coming off his strong finish in Iowa. Newt despite his hard attacks on Mitt had the same problem. Huntsman, after practically living in New Hampshire, wasn't even close to Ron Paul for second place. Anyway you look at it the night belong to Mitt Romeny.

Nothing is written in politics but unless there is a dramatic turn around the nomination most likely is going to slick Mitt. In December this site printed out his positions on LGBT rights. Given his surge, reviewing his record one more time before making a decision that Romney is much better on our issue than the rest of the group running for the Republican nomination would be very wise.

Romney is horrible on LGBT rights and we must not forget it. Take one more look:

-Mitt Romney, at the request of homophobe Maggie Gallagher, endorsed the Federal Marriage Amendment to the United States Constitution. That is right, good ole Mitt wants to enshrine into the Constitution of the United States an amendment that would separate LGBT citizens from the rest of America.

-The former Massachusetts governor is sending out literature and speaking in debates touting his support for such an amendment.

-He promised to appoint Federal judges who don't support marriage equality.

-Romney also supports forcing a vote by the people in the District of Columbia on the current right of same sex marriage.

-He also promised Maggie Gallagher that he would create a Federal Commission which would "would investigate harassment or threats against those who have taken positions against same-sex marriage."

-Mitt strongly opposed the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

-Refused to condemn the 'booing' of the appearance of a gay soldier who wanted to ask a question at a debate.

-Mitt Romney supported Proposition 8 in California.

-Say households with children should have a mother and father.

-He is against civil unions but would support some sort of 'partnership agreements.' What is that - a business contract with emotion?

-He supports State Constitution amendments banning LGBT Americans from getting married.

-He supports DOMA

Romney opposes the passage of the ENDA ending discrimination against LGBT Americans in the work place.