Jan 6 2012




Yep, that's right! Six years have passed since Brokeback Mountain was released and robbed of its Academy Award for 'Best Picture.' Where is the next great movie where the stars of the film are openly LGBT characters presented in a positive and heroic light? Been listening carefully but haven't heard of one in the pipeline with the caliber of stars and excitement that was generated by this magnificent film from director Ang Lee.

Maybe it's economics. Perhaps creating such pieces of art surrounding the LGBT community doesn't make money. Nope, that is wrong. Brokeback Mountain was made and released for just about $20 million. International and domestic gross came to a grand total of nearly $178 million and that doesn't count other sources of income generated by the movie. So it can't be that you lose money on the deal, can it?

Hollywood, you are overdue for another milestone picture featuring LGBT characters played by major Hollywood actors helmed by a powerful director. The options are endless ranging from a love story in either the Civil War or World War II to a true, handsome, suave LGBT action hero. Hell, maybe the next James Bond should be a gay man or a lesbian. The time has come to up the ante. Our characters this time don't have to be tragic and never know fulfilled love. They don't have to make love in dark shadows or isolated places. All they have to be is real.

The LGBT community has come a long way, Hollywood, and it is time for you to catch