Jan 3 2012




Most people would be surprised to learn that one of the hardest hit states in the recession, Michigan, has the same GDP as Taiwan and the same number of people as Chad in Africa. Or how about the entire population of Mongolia would be the same as Utah's? A year ago The Economist did a chart comparing individual states with countries in both GDP and population. The chart appeared again at the end of this year.

Quite honestly it is a fun chart and you must take a look however here are five more examples before you explore it on your own.

-Tennessee has same population as Laos and the GDP of Finland.

-Colorado has the population of Eritrea and the GDP of Thailand.

-California counts as many people as Poland and the GDP of Italy.

-New York will rival Cameroon in Africa in population and have the GDP of Australia.

-West Virginia has the same number of citizens as Slovenia and the GDP of Iraq.