Jan 17 2012




-Friends have whined to me that the stars of today lack the glamour of old Hollywood. How could anyone look at the above picture of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globes and not see enormous glamour and star power?

-Vogue Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour will be honored at this year's New York City Human Rights Campaign Dinner on February 4th. "Glee's" Ryan Murphy will present the award at the Waldorf-Astoria event.

-Openly gay Republican candidate for President Fred Karger received 485 votes out of the over 150,000 Republican votes cast in New Hampshire. He did beat Michele Bachmann who was no longer running but fell behind Buddy Romer who obtained 950 votes. Romer also was not allowed in the debates.

-Open Lesbian Torie Osborn (photograph) in the bitter California 50th Assembly District race raised an amazing $521,122 for her race. Most of the money came in small donations from 1,639 donors. She continues to make the LGBT community proud. Click here to donate.

Torie Osborn 1

-Initial meetings are taking place in Illinois to prepare to introduce a marriage equality bill in the 2013 legislative session. Legislators are meeting with LGBT activists to create a winning strategy.

-There is a compelling and moving interview of Ugandan LGBT activist Frank Mugisha. Michelangelo Signorile did a brilliant job through the interview of getting to the horror of the lives of Ugandan LGBT citizens. Mugisha is a real hero.

-Long time LGBT activist Don Moreland died in Seattle. Morehead, besides been such a king and gracious gentleman, was a powerhouse behind the scenes in politics for the LGBT community. He will be greatly missed.

-The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting that Dave Spence who is running for the Republican nomination for Governor in Missouri claimed he had an degree in 'economics' from the University of Missouri. Seems as he might have been misleading the voters since his degree was in "home economics"!

-Does a Japanese 'Atlantis' exist? Off the southwestern coast of Japan is the "Yonaguni Monument" named for a nearby island. The undersea site is claimed by some to be a discovery of a lost city and others say nature created the formations. Take a look at this video and what do you think?

-Nate Silver of the "New York Times" has looked at the national polls and concluded that Romney has an almost lock on the nomination.

-Getting the 'bad taste of the year award is the Barrett -Jackson Company which is planning to auction off the hearse that carried President Kennedy's body from Parkland Hospital to Air Force One. They are hoping to make over a million dollars.

-In case anyone was wondering, "Politico" is reporting that anti-LGBT Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is actively putting his name out there as a possible Vice Presidential candidate on the Republican ticket. God help us!

-The news that the number of missing has jumped to 29 with 6 confirmed dead in the latest cruise ship disaster is dreadful. What is the worst maritime disaster ever?  "The Daily Beast" has a slide show of the worst ones in history. The winner/ loser is the World War II German ship MV Wilhelm Gustloff in 1945. It was filled with refugees fleeing the Soviet Army and near 10,000 people died on the ship.