Jan 24 2012




-Well my heart belongs to Tom Brady but my team is the New York Giants for the Super Bowl! This will be the battle of the two 'cover boy' quarterbacks. Go New York Giants Blue!! Outsports.com has proclaimed these teams as two of the most LGBT friendly team in the NFL.

-Romney in one of his speeches said, "I didn't inherit money from my parents. What I have, I earned. I worked hard the American way." Actually Romney did inherit some money from his wealthy parents but says that ten years later he gave it charity. There is another two words someone should ask him about, "Trust Fund".

-The 'bad taste of the year' award goes to the owners of the ill fated Costa Concordia cruise ship for offering the passengers a 30% discount on their next cruise. Really, the idiots really make that offer!

-London's "Telegraph" has an amazing slide show of pictures. All of the pictures are taken on the ship the night of the sinking. Here is one from the hull of the ship as they attempt to escape down its side. Click here to view the others.


-Republican Chris Christie has appointed an African-American gay man to the New Jersey Supreme Court. Mayor Bruce A Harris would be the first openly LGBT appointment in the history of the state.

-Washington State now has enough votes in their State Senate for marriage equality. There are enough votes in the House and Governor Chris Gregoire has promised to sign it. The right wing National Organization for Marriage has promised to take it to the ballot in November if they can get the signatures. The last poll taken showed that the voters would vote for marriage equality by 55% to 38%. Wow.

-Delegate Heather Mizeur from Maryland says that Governor Martin O'Malley will introduce marriage equality legislation today in the Maryland legislature. Here is Delegate Mizeur from the last battle.


-The marriage equality news this week is endless. Love, Honor and Cherish in California has started collecting signatures to place repeal of Proposition 8 on the November ballot. This will be an uphill effort given the number of signatures required in a very short time period. If anyone wants to collect signatures click here.

-Jaweed Kaleenm has written an article for The Huffington Post exploring the pay and perks of America's leading Pastors. For example Joel Osteen of the Lakewood Church in Houston doesn't take a salary but is worth tens of millions of dollars. He has a new $10.5 million 17,000 square foot mansion.

-The word from the Sundance Film Festival is that the documentary "How To Survive A Plague" received two standing ovations and is a hit. Bravo to David France and Joy Tomchin!

-Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin has raised over one million dollars in the last quarter of reporting in her effort to become the first ever open LGBT person elected to the United States Senate. Have you make a contribution yet? Click here.

-The Miller Grizzied Langur Monkey has long been believed to be totally extinct. They have recently been discovered in Indonesia.


-Towleroad.com has a great story on Pekka Haavisto who is an openly gay man seeking to be the Presidency of Finland. If he would win he would join Iceland and Belgium as countries with openly LGBT people as head of states. He also have a very handsome partner. Check it out!

-Public Policy Polling shows that of the nation's independent voters that 71% would have no problem voting for an openly LGBT candidate. This is America's largest blocks of voters and a very important statistic.

-Katherine Dean has written for the Huffington Post the places where LGBT couples (at all costs!) should avoid for their honeymoon. Jamaica and Belize are both on the list!

-According to the Harris Poll, Johnny Depp is once again the most popular actor in America. Believe it or not, John 'the Duke' Wayne still places fifth! Go figure.

-"Think Progress LGBT" has a great article by Igor Volsky on Romney's history with the LGBT community when he was running for Governor of Massachusetts. He was so pro-LGBT in that race and even compared our struggle for freedom to that his father fought for African-Americans in the 1960's. So much for principles......

-Gizmodo.com has taken some historical pictures and added color. You can see them all at the site but do you think honest Abe looks better in black and white or color?