Jan 10 2012




-Thank God, now we can all relax! Todd Palin, Sarah's husband, has let it be known he is supporting good ole Newt. He proclaims it is not an indication of how the former Vice Presidential candidate is going to endorse...if she endorses.

-Political Insider reports that for the fifth day in a row in the Suffolk Tracking Poll Mitt Romney has lost ground. Sunday he was at 33% and falling.

-National Wildlife Foundation has five pictures of adorable baby animals. The one above is a bison with her baby calf who was born that very day. Check the others out!

-Appears the National Stonewall Democrats are really getting their act together in preparation for the upcoming election. They have just appointed as their new Executive Director political wizard Jerame Davis. Congrats, Jerame!

-The entire LGBT community is sending best wishes and life long love to actor Alan Cumming and illustrator Grant Shaffer (photograph) as they got married in New York after registering for civil unions in Great Britain five years ago!


-Praise the Lord and pass the collection plate! Rick Santorum has those old time religion folks opening up their pocketbooks. He took in one million dollars in twenty-four hours after the Iowa caucuses and according to sources is approaching three million dollars by the New Hampshire primary.

-Allow me to give a 'shout out' to Lincoln Business Machine on West 68th Street in New York City. They have been coming to my rescue all week with my series of constant computer problems. Thanks to Boris, Jose and Milton! (212) 769-0606

-In the hotly contested Democratic primary in California's 50th Assembly District, grassroots activist and open lesbian Torie Osborn had a debate with establishment candidate Betsy Butler. Afterwards, the prestigious Malibu Democratic Club voted to endorse Osborn with 41 votes. Betsy Butler received 5 votes.

-China is testing a new high speed train that will travel at 500 km! Soon no one will want to fly in those cattle cars they call planes and enjoy a great system.


-Governor Andrew Cuomo's "State of the State" speech was powerful, articulate and filled with policy. He showed graciousness to the legislature and clearly demonstrated he heard the concerns of New Yorkers. This one should be shared with every Democratic leader as a paper on how it should be done!

-Here is an interesting statistic from the Center for Disease Control (CDC): Forty-Four per cent of straight men and thirty-six percent of straight women say they have had anal sex at least one time in their life.

-The Glass House Tavern had a busy week. Glee cast member Mark Salling and Lauren Bacall (photograph) were dining at different tables with friends.


-London's The Telegraph has picked the top ten ciites to live in the world. Victoria, Canada is on the list. Take a look at the rest!

-The Telegraph is also running a story coming out of France. Soccer's Manchester United player Eric Cantona is seeking a place on the ballot to run for President of France.

-What is Mitt's real first name? Vanity Fair took a poll and very few of their readers could nail it. Some actually thought it was "Mittens!" His first name is Willard!

-The marriage equality debate has come to Washington State with Democratic Governor Chris Gregoire. In a powerful and elegant speech she said she intended to bring it up in the upcoming special session of the Washington legislature. Keep your fingers crossed.

-Think about this statistic: There has been more snow in El Paso, Texas than in Chicago, Detroit or New York. What is wrong with this picture?

-The National Geographic announced the winners of this years photograph contest. Here is the Grand Prize winning photograph taken by Shikhei Goh. You can see more winners by clicking here.