Jan 22 2012



While clearly understandable, there was a great deal of sadness surrounding the news that Congresswoman Gabby Gifford would be unable to seek re-election. Once again we have learned the lesson of the power of guns in America to change the course of our nation. Every American hopes down the road she recovers enough so we once again can have her talents, wisdom and love in public service.

The Governor will set a special election and this will be a marginel seat for the Democrats. There are two LGBT Americans that might seek to win election to this seat. Remember at one time openly gay Republican Jim Kolbe represented the same district before Giffords won.

One of the frontrunners for the seat would be Arizona State Representative Matt Heinz (photograph above). The out Democrat is an emergency room physican in Tuscson. He has served in the Arizona State Assembly since 2008. Heinz was endorsed by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund in that race. He received a fellowship in vascular surgery at Harvard Medical School but complete his residency at the University of Arizona.


The other possible LGBT contender would be open lesbian State Senator Paula Aboud. She currently is serving as the Democratic Minority Whip in the Arizona State Senate. She was a teacher and moved to Maine to coach tennis and squash at Colby College. After several years there she returned to Tuscon and became involved in politics. She was appointed to Gabby Gifford's seat when Gifford went to Congress. She won it in her own right in the next election.