Jan 26 2012




Americans have always prided themselves for their free press. No matter what happens around the world, citizens here have counted on a free press to give them a glimpse into the truth of each crisis. So imagine how shocked they will be that in the latest "Reporters Without Borders" survey America ranked a lowly 47th in the survey!

One of the reasons for the dramatic drop in this nation's ranking was because of the huge number of reporters arrested or beaten in Occupy protests this past Fall.

The worlds worst countries for their press freedoms are predictable. Eritrea, Turkmenistan and North Korea are at the bottom of the survey.

Guess Americans can take comfort in the fact that China ranked 174th in the survey.

Here are the countries that placed in the top ten for their free press:

1. Finland.

2. Norway

3. Estonia

4. Netherlands

5. Austria

6. Iceland

7. Luxembourg

8. Switzerland

9. Cape Verde

10. Canada