Jan 29 2012




"Your Eyes...." by David Mixner

My love,
When I look into your eyes
I see the moon rising to a brilliant song,
And the comet streaking across the Monterrey sky.
The waves pound by our Fire Island bedside.
The smells from our travels linger on your body.

Our journey is unique,
The road has had many twists and turns.
The passage has been uncertain,
Filled with strangers seeking a glimpse.
The crowds are ignored as we passionately embrace.

Love has no limits.
There can be no fences.
Stand on the edge with me and
Marvel at the beauty of the unknown.
Fall into the splendor of overwhelming sunsets,
So we again can return to our song.

Your youth challenges me unto new ground.
The body gives me delights previously unknown.
My age teaches patience to enjoy the lush green.
Spirituality is our bed upon which our souls make love.

Although we witness the harshness of the world,
There is no sword of war that can deny me your love.
Our love rises above the cascade of angry voices
To create a world of flowers, incense and music.
In our travels we have even touch the sun.

All of this I remember
When I look into your eyes my love,
I see you and I see the world.