Jan 16 2012



Tom Brady

As you watch the "Tebow Phenomenon" continue with major endorsements, tons of media coverage and almost deity-like status among the Christian community, you have to wonder what really legendary quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady (photograph) and Drew Brees are thinking about it.

The fact of the matter is Tim Tebow is simply not ready for prime time. There was even a question if he would start Saturday's playoff game. He completed only 9 out of 26 passing attempts in the game vs Brady setting a record for touchdown passes. Tebow, is at best, a star in the making and in the next year or two he might actually deserve all this attention.

For now Tebow has become famous for his public displays of great faith at the games. Bless his heart. He has every right to practice his faith.  He isn't the first player ever to thank God for a touchdown with some players pointing to the heavens or others kneeling . If his faith develops him a fan base that is perfectly fine. After all, I am still waiting to root for that out gay quarterback when he comes along so I really can't deny Christians the right to have their own hero.

However, I believe it is time for the media to pull back and wait for him to deserve their coverage for his playing skills and not his personal beliefs. Endorsers might want to offer their lucrative contracts to those who have earned the right to them. The one thing I have to give to Tebow is that the LGBT community is paying more attention to football if for nothing else than to root for the opposition given his religious beliefs on homosexuality.