Feb 18 2012



Paul 2

The ones that make the most noise always have that closet door thrown wide open.

Sheriff Paul Babeau has become a new conservative hero. He is running for Congress in Arizona. The right wing law man was featured at the recent CPAC Convention (see video) is Washington, DC making a tough speech against illegal immagration and praised other right wing icons. The Sheriff was viewed on a political fast track to even greater political achievements with Congress being just the first stop. He is (or maybe 'was' might apply now) the new Conservative darling in Arizona.

There was just one problem. Seems lihe the Sheriff is gay (that is the good news) and in attempt to avoid people from finding out he made threats against his former partner who is orginally from Mexico (that is the bad news). As a result pictures have surfaced of the Sheriff on the "Adam4Adam" website and with the Mexican national. Here is the Phoenix New Times story reported by Monica Alonzo on the emarging scandal. :

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu — who became the face of Arizona border security nationally after he started stridently opposing illegal immigration — threatened his Mexican ex-lover with deportation when the man refused to promise never to disclose their years-long relationship, the former boyfriend and his lawyer tell New Times.

The latest of the alleged threats were made through Babeu's personal attorney, who's also running the sheriff's campaign for Congress in District 4, the ex-lover says.

He says lawyer Chris DeRose demanded he sign an agreement that he would never breathe a word about the affair. But Jose (New Times is withholding his last name because Babeu and his attorney have challenged his legal status) refused.

The 34-year-old from central Mexico charges that the sheriff's lawyer warned against mentioning the affair with Babeu. DeRose said gossip about Babeu would focus attention on Jose, attention that could result in his deportation, Jose says.

Melissa Weiss-Riner, Jose's attorney, confirms her client's account.

She says she spoke directly to the sheriff's lawyer, DeRose, about the Babeu camp's threats that Jose could be deported if he "revealed the relationship." She says DeRose falsely claimed that Jose's visa had expired.

"Jose came to our firm because he felt he was being intimidated, and he was in fear for his life," Weiss-Riner says. "He wanted his legal rights protected."

Babeu even appeared in a national McCain ad in 2008 walking along the border fence with McCain.

The Phoenix New Times talks how his ex-lover caught him on Adam4Adam:

During the previous year, Jose says, Babeu e-mailed explicit photographs of himself to an anonymous man he met on the gay adam4adam.com website.

Jose knows this because he posed as this man after his suspicions resurfaced that Babeu was cheating on him.

He shared with New Times photographs that he claims Babeu e-mailed to the anonymous love interest. In the photographs, the sheriff revealed himself shirtless, in his underwear, and naked from the waist down.


Attorney Antonio Bustamante said Babeu's alleged actions demonstrated bad judgment.

"To behave in a way that can threaten your own political career, it means that this person is a risk-taker," Bustamante says. The public "needs to know how far [politicians] are willing to go in taking risks."

Babeu's alleged adam4adam.com profile — which since has been blocked — listed him as a "good guy looking for another." He called himself "studboi1," described himself as "str8 acting, hard working and loyal," and said he was openly gay, looking for friendship and "1-on-1" sex.

While still in what he thought was a monogamous relationship with Babeu, Jose says, he had stumbled upon the sheriff's page on adam4adam, which is peppered with pornographic images of men having intercourse. He says he confronted Babeu and that the sheriff told him it was an old profile.

Paul 1

"I told him to delete it because he was the sheriff, and it didn't look right," Jose tells New Times. "I told him that if you don't want [to be with] me, I'll stop helping you with your websites, and you move on with your life, and I'll move on with mine."

Babeu assured him that he would delete the profile, Jose says.

When Jose checked again, he says the account still was there — so he created his own profile under an assumed name.

He says Babeu then sent pictures to Jose, thinking he was a guy named "Matt." In one photo, Babeu poses grinning in a pair of gray underwear in front of a mirror. The flash from his camera phone obscures his left shoulder. In another photo, he poses naked with an erection. His face isn't visible, but the bottom edge of one of Babeu's unmistakable arm tattoos can be seen.

"When I saw the pictures and was [communicating with] him, I just couldn't believe it," Jose says. "I just wanted to see how far he'd go with his lying."

In one of more than a hundred explicit text messages Jose provided between Babeu and "Matt," Babeu wrote: "I'm in law enforcement . . . sheriff. Didn't tell you that earlier stud . . . that's why I must be discrete." This exchange occurred while Babeu was attending police-training classes in Denver in June 2010, and he also offered Matt help in becoming a cop.

Like the aforementioned text messages, these apparently came from Babeu's current cell-phone number

In one exchange Jose shared, Babeu texted: "I will suck you off as much as needed."

After another exchange, Jose (as Matt) asked if Babeu was masturbating, and Babeu wrote: "I'm just leaving mtg and headed home . . . still in uniform."

Babeu added: "Dude, I can't send naked pics over e-mail . . . just can't for my job . . . you can have me in person and what ever else you want."

The following morning, Jose says, the sheriff sent explicit pictures.

At that time, Jose says, Babeu bragged in a text that he was the sheriff who had appeared in the aforementioned TV ad on border security with McCain. That night, he texted Matt that he "just did a TV show in Phx . . .Channel 12 news live."

The two planned to meet at San Tan Flat, a steak house in Queen Creek, in mid-June 2010, and Babeu texted Matt to bring an overnight bag.

Babeu was standing in the restaurant's parking lot when he drove up, Jose says. For about two minutes, Jose recalls, Babeu said nothing.