Feb 9 2012




-The famous right winger Koch Brothers pledged $60 million to defeat President Obama in the fall. A total of $100 million was pledged by the several hundred conservative donors at a private weekend retreat in California. David pledged $20 million but guess Charles feels more strongly and put up $40 million.

-One of the great liberal champions in the United States Senate, Ohio Democratic incumbent Senator Sherrod Brown, has opened up a 11 point lead over his Republican challenger Josh Mandel. He is not totally out of danger looking at the cross tabs but it is a sign of good health.

-President Obama, who has been struggling in New Hampshire, finally is receiving good news from The Granite State. He is now leading good ole Mitt by ten points according to WMUR New Hampshire poll.

-The Las Vegas Sun is reporting that turnout in the Nevada Caucuses was pathetic . Washoe County, the second largest in the state, was expecting a 20% turnout from Republicans. Only 8% bothered to show up to their caucus. Can you smell the dead enthusiasm from here?

-As we cheer the Proposition 8 Court Case decision here are some recent national polling numbers on the topic. Looks like a historical enviability to me!


-Newt Gingrich is targeting a few states in order to get back on track. His priorities are Oklahoma, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Oklahoma and Tennessee. After Santorum's victories yesterday, if I were him, I would delete Michigan and head home to Georgia for awhile. This is a whole new race and new polling needs to be done by everyone!

-President Obama has to be singing with the new results in from the Quinnipiac University Poll. He is now leading Romney in Virginia by 47% to 43%! That is a gain of 5 points since December for the President.

-In the same poll, Romney leads the only other name on the primary ballot, Ron Paul, by 68% to 19%. Now if Romney were to lose to Paul by the time the Virginia Primary arrives on Super Tuesday then I think we can say the Fat Lady had sung for Romney.

-Just when you thought it couldn't go any lower, Gallup reports that Congressional Approval rating has dropped to a new historical low of 10%. Ouch.

-CNN's Religion Editor Dan Gilgoff writes the top ten reasons religious conservatives love Santorum (photograph is of a Texas prayer circle with him in middle). Here is one of them but click here to see the rest.

Ditto on same-sex marriage. Santorum sponsored a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage at a time when many Republicans lawmakers didn’t want to touch such a hot potato.