Feb 2 2012




-The Florida primary is yielding a ton of interesting information for people to ponder over their morning coffee. First and foremost the turnout was a quarter of a million voters less than in 2008 showing a real lack of excitement about the choice of Republicans.

-One of the most interesting exit poll numbers in Florida was that 40% of the people, who did bother to vote, wished there was someone else running! Hardly a sweeping endorsement of Romney, is it?

-The 35% of Florida voters who descried themselves as 'very conservative' and strong supporters of the Tea Party voted by wide margin for Newt.

-Really good news is coming out of Ohio. President Obama is making a big comeback in the Buckeye State! Where he was once behind, he is now leading Mitt by 7%. The President's approval rating has jumped since last November by 8%. Ironically, Santorum does better than Romney against the President and trails him by 6%.

-More good news out of Oregon! In a race that was expected to be closer, Democrat Suzanne Bonamici defeated Republican Rob Cornilles by a landslide margin of 57% to 38% for a special election to fill the seat in Oregon's 1st Congressional District.

-Santorum is working Colorado, the home of Focus of the Family, hard. According to CNN he has picked up the endorsements of former Congressman Tom Tancredo, former Congressman Bob Schaffer and former Lt. Governor Jane Norton.

-Here is the February schedule for the primaries and caucuses:

Nevada caucuses - February 4
Maine caucuses - February 4-11
Minnesota caucuses - February 7
Missouri primary - February 7
Colorado caucuses - February 7
Arizona primary - February 28
Michigan primary - February 29

-The good news for Romney is that the states of Nevada, Colorado and Arizona have some of the largest Mormon populations in the country (see map). Nevada is at about 7%, Arizona has 6% and Colorado is more on the low end with 3%.


-Missouri could be a problem for Romney. In the latest Public Policy Polling, Romney was running third in the quest for delegates in the caucuses. Gingrich was at 30%, Santorum was at 28% and Romney at 24%. Wouldn't be surprised if Santorum took Missouri after Florida.

-Political genius Nate Silver for the "New York Times" had presented "Five Paths Forward for the GOP Nomination" in his latest column. It is well worth the read!

-President Obama 445 bundlers raised an astounding $74 million last year. Sixty of the fundraiser brought in over $500,000 each to the campaign.

-If Maryland passes marriage equality in its legislature, it is likely to face a referendum in November. The latest poll taken by the "Washington Post" has marriage equality winning by 50% to 44%! That is the largest margin since they started taking polls on the issue in Maryland.


-"Edge" reports that a former Romney Intern when he was running for Governor of Massachusetts says the flyer distributed at Gay Pride 2002 was cleared by the campaign. In that flyer Romney endorses marriage equality.

-Incumbent Senator Bill Nelson from Florida is in a tough race. Although the latest Suffolk University poll had him with a ten point lead over Republican Congressman Connie Mack (son of the former Senator).

-First Lady Michelle Obama charmed a crowd of Hollywood types at a fundraiser in the home of former Ambassador to the Bahamas Nicole Avant and her husband, Netflix's Ted Sarandos. Among those attending the event (where some paid up to $35,000!) wereJeffrey Katzenberg, Steve Bing, Berry Gordy, Vivica Ferrell, Quincy Jones, Jerry and Ann Moss, Jimmy Jam, Irena and Mike Medavoy, Rob and Michele Reiner, Terry Lewis, Reed Hastings, Arnon Milchan and Harvey Weinstein.