Feb 8 2012




Forget Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA" blaring from the speakers at Republican victory night parties! From now on, it will be old hymn "Onward Christian Soldiers..." as the official Republican anthem. Rick Santorum's victory last night can't be simply labeled by the media as an embarrassing moment for good ole Mitt. It was a decisive and powerful rejection of the supposed 'frontrunner'. From a substantive viewpoint it forces the Republican Party one step closer to being the party for an "American Theocracy".

First, sad old Mitt found out that the Republican grassroots really dislike him. Given the opportunity they will turn to the most fringe of candidates to prove their point. His feeble attempt last night to spin that he hadn't really campaigned in Missouri and Minnesota was just plain pitiful. Mitt has been campaigning for six years for President and he is not an unknown to the people of those states.

In Minnesota in 2008, Romney carried the state with 41% in 2008 and won every single delegate. This year he was barely able to muster third place and lost every single county in the state. In Missouri, in 2008 Romney captured 29% of the vote and carried a number of counties. Last night he lost every single county in the state. On Monday, Nate Silver said that the betting market had given Romney a 97% chance of winning Colorado especially since he took 61% of the vote in 2008 and won every single delegate. Santorum slammed him in the Rocky Mountain State.

Second, the right wing religious political force is finally coalescing around a candidate. They are starting to reject Newt's three wives, his desire for an open relationship and colonies on the moon. Rick Santorum gives them their Sunday School teacher with the lovely wife and a passel of kids! Although he lacks smooth oratory skills, he is genuine and real to the voters. Watching Romney attempting to pass himself off as the son of a working man last night was embarrassing and painful.

Santorum is just plain weird and if he wasn't in politics he would be in Roswell, New Mexico waiting for space ships to land. He hates freely and judges others quickly. He insists that every American must adhere to his values and religious beliefs. If they don't then they are the enemy of America and maybe even all of civilizations.

Invoking Rick's best friend, "God help us if he becomes President!".