Feb 8 2012




-MSNBC's anchor Thomas Roberts is off to a rousing start in 2012. His news hour is up 24% among people age 25 to 54 and an amazing 19% in total viewers. Roberts occupies the 11AM EST hour for the network. Roberts also can be found on The Weekend Today Show reading the news. He might be the first openly gay ever to be in that position.

Continued great news this week on the marriage equality front. A poll taken in New Hampshire shows that an amazing 62% of New Hampshire citizens do not want the legislature to repeal marriage equality in the Granite State.

-In the Nevada caucus Mr. Romney took 91% of the Mormon vote according to "Politico." The state's population is about 25% Mormon.  About the same number of Mormon's live in Arizona.

-The national media group, GLAAD, has called upon CNN to release journalist Roland Martin because of homophobic comments.  On election night this past Tuesday, Martin played a major role.  Guess GLAAD got their answer.

-Womensenews.org ran an excerpt from Hanne Black's "Straight" which examines how Germany's legal codes created in the 1860's are mostly responsible for the concept of heterosexuality and homosexuality. Interesting stuff.


-USA Today had an article about increasing concern that some long dormant volcano's might erupt. They take a look at two of them. One is located in Death Valley and the other at Crater Lake in Oregon. New evidence points that both of them could be more active than originally believed by scientists.

-The Huffington Post ran a story about the Princeton Review picking ten schools that are filled with 'tree-hugger hippies!' Topping the list is New College of Florida. Also in the top ten is Warren Wilson College. Never heard of it but evidently it is hidden in Ashville, North Carolina. Bless their hearts!

-Facebook is going public this week and joins the ranks of all the emerging high tech giants over the last several decades. In California alone, Facebook has 20,000,000 members. See how your state ranks by clicking here.

-Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts has a new sense of 'family values.' He has paid his daughter, former American Idol contestant Ayla Brown, a total of $9,500 to sing at campaign events.


-President Kennedy's fondness for women was not a historical unknown to most people. The latest to throw her hat in the ring is Mimi Alfrod (photograph), a former intern who says she had an eighteen month affair/sexual relationship with the President. The unfortunate part about these recent books is that no one is alive to tell us if they are true or not.

-A massive cold wave and snowstorm has hit almost all of Europe and even North Africa. Over 500 have died from the storms and freeze that stretch from London to Tripoli and over to Bucharest.

-The first openly gay candidate to make it into a run off in Finland's Presidential election lost the race this past week. Conservative Sauli Ninisto defeated openly gay Green candidate Pekka Haavisto (in photograph with his partner) by a vote 63% to 37%.


-The New York Times has an article by Emily Ramshaw on how many Texan women hold the decision making power in the 'stop breast cancer' movement both in Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood.

-Speaking of The Times, 'The Great Man's Wife", was an astounding column from Maureen Dowd about Callista Gingrich and her husband Newt, Talk about a tough piece....

-The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) scored a real coup in obtaining the Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, as their National Corporate Spokesperson for marriage equality. Here is the video: