Feb 27 2012





There are times when no matter the politics, civilization must pay attention to the barbarism of a particular moment in history. The list is endless with names of places of horror: Auschwitz, Leningrad, Sarajevo, Rwanda, Cambodia and so many others. All are places where society either turned its back on the plight of people being massacred or responded with too little too late.

Homs in Syria might be just such a moment for us. Thousands are being killed by a brutal dictator who is shelling his own citizens with tanks and artillery. The politics at this stage of the insurgency are of concern, but how long can we can continue to allow an entire city of thousands to be eventually wiped out without taking action of some kind of support? Thanks to Towleorad.com for making me aware of this powerful video from CNN. You owe it to the people of Homs and to yourself to watch it.

Then join more than 30,000 others and me in making a donation to Avaaz.com to smuggle medical supplies into Homs. It is the least we can do.