Mar 15 2012



-Rick Santorum has every reason to wear his cowboy hat because the eyes of Texas are upon him. In a just released WPA Poll (taken before Tuesday night), Santorum was leading in the Lone Star State. Santorum was pulling 35% to Romney's 27%. Gingrich has 20% and Ron Paul was only able to muster 8% in his home state.

In Illinois, the primary is next week, a Chicago Tribune poll found Romney and Santorum running close. Romney had 35% to Santorum's 31%. Gingrich was way back with 12%.

-A collective moan was heard around the country from Democrats when two polls showed the President's approval rating plunging. However other polls have come out and they all show increased approval. The latest Pew Poll released this week show the President at 50%! The Pew Poll also found:

Pew found that “not only does Obama lead Romney, but more of his supporters back him strongly.” Seventy-seven percent of Obama supporters back him strongly which translates to 41 percent of all voters in a general election. Sixty-eight percent of Romney supporters back him strongly, which works out to 28 percent of all voters in the general election contest.

-Openly gay advisor to both Governors Spitzer and Paterson, Sean Maloney, has announced officially his race for Congress in upstate New York. Maloney will run against Tea Party favorite and Republican incumbent Nan Hayworth. The district takes in a good deal of Westchester, Putnam, Orange and Dutchess counties. You can support him by clicking here.

-The Libertarian Party of North Carolina, one of the nation's strongest state parties, has endorsed voting "NO" against the amendment to that state's Constitution that would ban marriage equality. Here is their endorsement video:

-Speaking of endorsements, former Vice President Walter Mondale has urged voters in Minnesota to reject the proposed amendment to their constitution banning marriage equality. He is joining forces with former Minnesota Chief Justice Kathleen Blatz to form "Lawyers United for All Families." They will mobilize in the legal communities including the state's major law firms.

-The Quinnipiac Poll found that Rick Santorum will win Pennsylvania handily as of today. The Keystone State gives Santorum 36% with Romney way behind at 22%. Ron Paul is at 12% and poor Newt is at 8%.

-There is some good news for Romney in North Carolina. The Public Policy Poll has Romney at 31% and Santorum at 27% before this week's primaries. Gingrich is a factor with 24% of the vote.

-Glen Thrush has written a good article for Politico on "How Mitt Romney Lost Latinos." In a recent Fox Poll only 14% of Hispanic voters supported Romney. This is a perfect case where Romney has been driven so far to the right that he is losing the rest of America.