Mar 6 2012



Kirk Fordham

-The news has been filled with Chad Griffin's appointment to lead the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). However, that is not the only major appointment. Former Republican Congressional Aide Kirk Fordham has been named the new Executive Director of Gill Political Action. Fordham and his husband have two children and live in Florida. As CEO of the Everglades Foundation he has done remarkable work. Another outstanding young person taking on a leadership role in the LGBT community.

-President Bill Clinton has agreed to participate in fundraising events with President Obama in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

-Bravo to the American Foundation for Equal Rights for their huge success with the reading of Dustin Lance Black's "8" which saw nearly every major star in Hollywood on stage. They raised two million dollars and had over 200,000 viewers on the Internet. What you might not have heard was everyone's favorite singer Barbra Streisand was in the audience along with a host of other celebrities.

-If you saw a big smile on Thomas Roberts' face at the SLDN Dinner it might be for one of three reasons. 1) He loved supporting the organization, 2) He was with his sister who is his best friend or 3) His ratings for his show on MSNBC were up 42% in February over 2011 in the all important 25 to 54 age group.


-New York's prestigious Yossi Milo Gallery has announced they have obtained exclusive representation of the estate of Tim Hetherington (photograph above). You might remember that the renowned and legendary photojournalist was tragically killed in the line of duty in the Libyan civil war. Hetherington, along with Sebastian Junger, was nominated for an Oscar for their documentary, Restrepo, about the war in Afghanistan.

-Americans are getting their 'mojo' back! The latest Gallup Poll says that 40% of the American people believe that the economy is getting better. That figure was 27% last year and an astoundingly low 3% in 2008! This is good news indeed for the President's reelection bid.

-Mississippi is still Mississippi. A group of LGBT activists in Jackson had gathered to march for LGBT rights in the state capital of Jackson. At the last minute officials denied them a permit to march and threatened arrest if they proceeded as planned. If you want to support grassroots efforts like this one, there is an event tomorrow night (Wednesday, March 7) to raise money for "GetEqual." Just go to this Facebook link to get the information. They deserve our support.


-Sean Maloney (photograph) who is running for Congress in upstate New York as an openly gay candidate (the districts are still not settled yet) has raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars for his run in just four weeks. Sean has an impressive resume of service to both New York and the nation. One of Governor Andrew Cuomo's top strategists, Jennifer Cunningham, has agreed to run the campaign. You can make a donation to Sean right here.

-Freedom to Marry's effort to obtain a plank in the National Democratic Platform is gaining amazing momentum. Twenty-Two Democratic United States Senators call for the inclusion of a marriage equality plank at the Convention in Charlotte this summer.

-The Victory Fund is expected to endorse a record number of openly LGBT candidates this year. So far they have endorsed 77 including six running for Congress and one for the Senate.

-All the Royals are traveling around the globe representing the Queen on her Diamond Jubilee. The video above shows how personably handsome Prince Harry represents the Queen in Belize. You have to smile.

-If you want to know how each county went in Saturday's Republican caucuses in Washington State, just click here for an interactive map of the results.

-The great entertainment site "Greg In Hollywood' just turned three years old this week. If you haven't visited this fun and informative site you should soon. Bravo, Greg, on a great job.

-No matter what you do to shed knowledge on an issue you will find millions of closed minds. This week Public Policy Polling in Georgia found nearly a third of all Republican voters don't believe Obama was born in the United States. In Tennessee, an astounding 45% of the voters don't believe it. Good God, people!

-Another interesting tornado video. This one has people in the Hill Country of Eastern Kentucky near West Liberty speaking in tongues and praying to keep the tornado from touching down. You can hear the fear in their voices as the twister like a space ship from "Independence Day" hovers above them before touching down.