Mar 27 2012




Now it has begun like in some many other cases - blame the victim. Suddenly we discover that Trayvon Martin had flaws in his life such as being suspended from school. They are attempting to portray that Trayvon was the aggressor against Zimmerman . The character assassins are looking for anything they can find to tarnish the young victim ! Like a sleazy defense attorney accusing the rape victim of being a slut, the police and conservative media is now making Trayvon into some sort young gangster.

This lynch mob is killing Trayvon twice. First he was shot dead by a man who had simply no business interfering with Trayvon's walk to the store. Now they are hoping that character assassination will justify this cold blooded murder in the eyes of the public.

Even if everything they say about young Trayvon is true - which it isn't - the last time I checked none of those actions called for the death penalty to be carried out by a private citizen.

All we need to know is the following to understand this case:

1.Zimmerman was NOT in law enforcement and was acting as a vigilante.

2. The police told Zimmerman NOT to continue to follow Martin.

3. The police told Zimmerman to STAY in his car.

4. Zimmerman ignored all the above and got out of his car to approach the victim.

5. If Zimmerman had followed the police orders, stay in the car and not attempted to play pretend cop, then absolutely Trayvon Martin would be alive today.

Zimmerman is responsible for the death of this young man. He chose to ignore all orders from the police. He then approached a person who was committing no crime and demanded that Trayvon justify his presence in his own neighborhood.

Come to think of it, I might have hit Martinez in the nose myself if a perfect stranger did the same to me.

The second killing of Trayvon Martin has to stop. It has no relationship to his death. If he was suspended from high school, he still has to the right to go to the store and return home. Zimmerman without question was the aggressor in this case. That is just fact and he must be held accountable for ignoring police advice, leaving his car and approaching the victim and killing him.