Mar 13 2012



Trump Leopard

In all the years I have written this blog this article is the without question that one that has made me most angry and just sicken. London's has brought us horrible pictures of the Trump sons killing African Wildlife.

For years, conservationists all over Africa has been fighting the poaching of wildlife. Locals desperate to feed their families and survive have succumbed to poaching and selling the byproducts of the animals to wealthy people around the world. An Elephants Ivory tusk could yield for the poachers an entire annual income for their families.

With massive conservation efforts to convince locals of the urgency to protect their most valuable resource - wildlife, the international recession has made it even more difficult. Elephants are disappearing at the rate of 38,000 a year. They could be gone in just 15 years. The world is scrambling, including many powerful nations, to protect wildlife and provide alternative means of income for the poachers.

Along come Eric and Donald Trump Jr on a wildlife hunting trip to the Matetsi area of Zimbabwe near Victoria Falls. The game reserve was private and they broke no laws. However the message is powerful that if you are rich you can kill wildlife at you leisure while it is forbidden to everyone else. The rules don't apply in Africa to white rich trophy hunters.

The Trump boys killed a leopard, an elephant and cut off its tail for a trophy, a massive cape buffalo, etc. How anyone could aim a gun at the beautiful leopard and pull the trigger is just beyond comprehension.. Was it a male leopard or a female leopard that might have had cubs somewhere? The sickening poses of their kills are unbearable to witness but we must not turn our heads because this is what the Trumps are doing as everyone else is attempting to stop the killing.

No one can make the argument that leopards are too plentiful. No one can justify the callousness and disgusting cutting off the magnificent elephants tail for a trophy after killing it.

We knew that Donald Trump Sr. had no values and principles after listening to his anti-LGBT rants but now the lack of moral fiber has spread to the sons. Their actions are disgusting, sickening and inexcusable.

Trump Elephant Tail

Trump bull