Mar 24 2012



Paul and Jan

"The Guardian" is reporting that Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)founded by Paul and Janice Crouch is being rocked with scandal and lawsuits. Not since the fall of Jim and Tammy Baker has a major religious institution being hit with so many accusations of misconduct, embezzlement and sexual undertones. What makes this one most interesting is that the lawsuits are being filed by the granddaughter, Brittany Koper, of the two founders.

We all know the faces of Paul and Jan Crouch as they become the heir apparent after the Baker Empire collapsed around them. They claim their network is the largest in the world with 18,000 affiliates. They were excellent at convincing their viewers if they contributed to TBN they would achieve their own wealth.

Among the charges brought in lawsuit are some old one and new ones:

-The founders have built huge mansions in California, Tennessee and Florida.

-that Jan Crouch paid $100,000 for a motor home to house Jan's dogs!

-that they purchased a $50 million dollar jet plus an $8 million Hawker jet craft for Jan.

-They have purchased multiple expensive and rare cars.

-That TBN and Holy Land Experience employees covered up a sexual assault.

-That Jan Crouch has an affair with an employee of the Holy Land Experience.

-That Paul Crouch used TBN funds to cover up a homosexual affair with a TBN employee named Enoch Lonnie Ford. (In 1998, Paul Crouch paid $425,000 to settle a lawsuit about another homosexual affair).

All I can say is "bless their hearts".