Apr 13 2012




-Actor George Clooney is hosting a huge fundraiser in Hollywood for President Obama. The event to be held at the actor's home will be for 150 people who will pay $40,000 each. Clooney says he will refuse to sing with the President.

-Romney says he would put Santorum on his short list for Vice President. That should tell you all you need to know.

-Gingrich, as if it was possible, says he won't serve in Romney's cabinet and also hates Fox News. He must be really pissed off.

-Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin who is attempting to become the first open LGBT person ever elected to the United States Senate has had a fantastic quarter in fundraising. She listed over $2 million raised from 40,000 individuals! She now has $2.7 million cash on hand. She needs lots more since Karl Rove's PAC is going after her. You can contribute here!

-The latest Public Policy Poll has President Obama beating Mitt in Colorado by a huge 13 points. Wow.

-Boisterous New Jersey's Republican Governor Christie says he would consider being on Romney's ticket. Oh God help us! Ironically, the Quinnipiac University Poll shows even with Christie on the ticket Romney would lose New Jersey by seven points!

-Daily Kos has an incredible breakdown on the key battleground states and who should win them. Go to the site and see this powerful analysis of the coming election. Here is his electoral map:


-From the latest Washington Post/ ABC News Poll comes the news that President Obama is leading Mitt by 8 points nationwide.

-In the same poll, 66% of Americans do NOT believe the War in Afghanistan was worth fighting.

-Unstable Congressman Alan West (R-Florida) says he believes that up to 81 members of the United States Congress are card carrying Communists. Funny I don't remember a Stalin or Marx caucus in the Congress.

-Great article  by Maggie Haberman and Emily Schultheis on Politico.com about the division among Romney's major donors over the issue of marriage equality!

-The EPIC+MRA Statewide Poll has President Obama leading Mitt by 4 points in Michigan.

-The great site BuzzFeed.com has a chart showing Romney at a historically low coming out of the primaries. In fact, he is the first to have a negative favorable rating of any candidate of either party! Take a look: