Apr 10 2012




-TheLos Angeles mayoral race is just about a year off and progressive City Councilman Eric Garcetti (photograph) has now moved into a three way tie with Supervisor Zev Yaroslvsky and Councilwoman Wendy Greuel. Openly gay Republican Kevin James pulled 7%! This one makes me feel old since I slept on Garcetti's father, Gil's, couch in the 1968 California primary! Eric is a vastly talented politician, trained by the best.

-William and Kate's new home, Kensington Palace, has just finished a $19 million face lift! Their new pad will be open for public tours so put it on your schedule on your next trip to London. Check out a number of the renovations by clicking here.

-In an "Economist/YouGov Poll" only 11% of Republicans voters said they would be excited about Romney's nomination. Another 49% say they would be satisfied. After all that campaigning, these numbers must make Romney feel good. Yikes. the more they see him the less they like him.

-New York City Council President Christine Quinn's LGBT fundraiser for her race for mayor was totally sold out and the place was a virtual 'who's who' of the New York LGBT community. Singer Rufus Wainwright sang at the event and here is a video of his performance.

-In a Quinnipiac University Poll, President Obama absolutely trounces Mitt Romney in New York. The President beats Romney by 56% to 33%. And here is a figure you don't see often in polls: African-Americans give Romney exactly 1% of their vote in the Empire State.

-Since 2006 over 50,000 people have been killed in Mexico's drug war. That is almost as many as the number of Americans who died in Vietnam. The United States so far has invested $1.6 billion into helping the Mexican police and military to purchase arms, to train personnel and assist prosecutors. There is no sign that the drug trade has fallen in this time period.

-At one time Newt Gingrich was on top of every poll and was poised to knock Mitt Romney out of the race. His major victory in South Carolina was his last big one outside his home state. The poor man has announced he is campaigning hard in Delaware since it is a small state and he can afford to campaign there. The state has 17 delegates. By the way, his self-named think tank, The Gingrich Initiative, just declared bankruptcy.

-This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Siege of Sarajevo which killed over 11,000 of the city's citizens in 1992. The city this month put out red chairs - one for each victim of the Siege. The image is powerful:


-With the death of President Bingu wa Mutharika of Malawi, Vice President Joyce Banda became President. She is now the second African head of state that is a woman joining Liberia.

-Good news coming out of Equality Maine. A new poll has 58% of the citizens of Maine supporting a ballot measure to give the LGBT citizens of that state full marriage equality. You can make your donation here.

-Walter Shapiro in an article in The New Republic writes how close Santorum came to knocking Romney out of the race. He writes:

But still Santorum, fueled by his February caucus victories, came tantalizingly close to humiliating Romney in Michigan, the state where his father had been governor. Ohio was even closer. Just 42,000 votes—Romney’s victory margin in Michigan and Ohio combined—were all that Santorum needed for a plausible path to the nomination.

-On the average, at least one rhino a day is being slaughtered in South Africa by poachers. . In 2007, there were only 13 killed in that nation. Last year 449 rhinos were killed and it looks like this year could top that figure and set a record. Because of China, rhino horns are now worth about $25,000 /lb.


-Gallup Poll on the Trayvon Martin case shows a real racial divide on the case. Asking the question, "Is George Zimmerman guilty of a crime?", 51% of African Americans said yes but only 11% of non-blacks said yes.

-New York's new Cardinal Timothy Dolan who is quickly establishing his conservative political credentials says that Rick Santorum had a good point about wanting to vomit over President Kennedy's speech to the Houston ministers in 1960. To be fair, many people feel sick when they hear the out of touch Dolan speak...

-The MailOnline is reporting that 30% of all web traffic could be classified as porn! The site Xvideos has 4.4 BILLION page views a month. I think I have site envy!

-Love these maps of electi0ns results and this one is fun!  The map illustrates which Republican candidate won each county in each state where elections have taken place so far. Orange is Romney, Green is Santorum, Yellow is Paul and Purple is Gingrich!

Republican Results

-Nigeria took one step closer to dissolving into total chaos with a very bloody Easter Sunday in the city of Kaduna. Bombs by Islamic extremists were set off to discourage people from Easter services. Near 40 people have died in the explosions.

-The brutal dictatorship in Syria hit a new low by bombing refugee camps within Turkey's borders. It will be interesting to see how the new nationalistic Turkey will respond to these shelling's.

-Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren raised $6.9 million in the first quarter of 2012. Republican incumbent Scott Brown only raised $3.4 in the same quarter.

-In the latest Public Policy Polling, Romney has surged to a lead in Santorum's home state of Pennsylvania. Romney has 43% and Santorum is at 37%. Romney has gained 17 points in the Keystone State in just the last month.

-However a poll in Indiana has Santorum and Romney at tied with Santorum having a one point lead.

-Anchorage, Alaska set an all time record for snowfall this winter. So far they have had over 135 inches of snow.