Apr 6 2012




One of the most interesting debates taking place in the LGBT community these days is when should President Obama take a position on marriage equality. In a recent poll on this site, opinion was split evenly between waiting until after the election or taking a position now. Respected activist Peter Staley wrote a very powerful column in "POZ" about waiting until after the election. Michelangelo Signorile has a passionate piece on HuffPost Gay Voices saying the President must come out for marriage equality now.

As the debate goes back and forth, personally you would find me in the 'now' column.

Ironically as the campaign proceeds the President might find himself with a lack of options. Marriage equality is not like the economy where everyone can have a different opinion on how to create jobs. With marriage equality you are either for it or against it. There really is no in between as much as the Obama campaign would like to find such a place. Saying that marriage is between a man and a women with a 'wink' toward us just won't cut it this election.

With all the ballot measures, court decisions and the anti-LGBT tone I predict will take place at the Republican Convention, the political environment will make it impossible for the President to avoid this issue. Evolving no longer will work and it will make Obama look slippery on a great moral question. So most likely the debate in the LGBT community will be overun by events that in the end will force the President to the moral high ground on this issue.  The inevitable tide of history will take him to marriage equality before November.