Apr 16 2012



North Carolina Campaign Ad

Protect All North Carolina Families shows the LGBT community how it can be done perfectly. Their new video and ad with Governor Bev Perdue are just excellent and the campaign deserves kudos for an amazing campaign on a limited budget.

This site has expressed disappointment in other states ads that attempt to ask people to love and accept us. While the intention is wonderful and the additional love is appreciated it is not about approval nor acceptance. Many voters, if they feel that it is a vote about approval, will not vote for the rights of the LGBT community. The key is have those who might not fully approve of the LGBT community find a way to overcome their discomfort and give them a 'hook' to vote for full equality.

A political campaign is not about convincing people we are just like them or that a family loves their LGBT children. A campaign is about finding every single vote possible and making it easy for even those who disagree with our sexuality to vote the right way. We have tons of time to run educational campaigns about how we are wonderful folks. In the next months, it must be about winning, not feeling good.

Take a look at his ad by Governor Bev Purdue in North Carolina and listen carefully to each line directed at a different group. This ad is the closest I have seen to those run by the winning "No On Six (Briggs Initiative)" campaign in 1978. Just consider these cogent points she makes:

-Amendment One will hurt North Carolina families and business

-Amendment One will strip legal protections for all 'unmarried couples'

-Amendment One will harm children since they will could lose their healthcare and prescription drug benefits.

-Amendment One could overturn laws that protect victims of domestic violence

-Amendment One will harm the security and safety of all North Carolina families like never before!

This is a first rate ad and people should listen carefully to it!  Make Your donation now.