Apr 8 2012



Equal Pay Equal Work 1

Doing their best not to be noticed, the Republicans (who control the entire state government in Wisconsin) have repealed "Equal Pay for Equal Work" protections for women. Once again we see this astounding "Republican War On Women" continue unabated. Governor Scott Walker (facing recall) signed the legislation without any press announcement. The legislation repeals the 2009 Equal Pay Enforcement Act which allows women who are victims of workplace discrimination to seek damages in state courts.

The Daily Beast reports:

The Equal Pay law wasn't just about women—it also offered protection from discrimination based on race, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, and other factors. But it was enacted largely in response to a large gap between men and women’s compensation, one that was worse than average in Wisconsin—in 2009 the state ranked 36th in the country in terms of workplace gender parity.

Amazingly these right wing attacks on women quote Ann Coulter as an expert on this legislation saying that if you break it down between married and unmarried women the pay equals out. Of course, no one broke down wages between married and unmarried men! Linda Meric, national director of 9 to 5 said:

“Scott Walker and the Wisconsin state legislature are rolling back the clock on women’s rights, putting women’s economic security in greater jeopardy at the exact moment that they should be assisting women to get ahead in this tough economy,”

Let's see: the Republicans have attacked women's right to choice, their contraceptive rights, sexuality and now their right to have equal pay for equal work. What's next? Take away the right to vote?