Apr 14 2012



Tornado map

Residents in many areas of Oklahoma City had no need to set their alarm clocks this morning as warning sirens sounded over the metropolitan area. This was a rude reminder that from Texas to Iowa, residents face what forecasters are calling a "life-threatening situation" . The area expected to be hardest hit are Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa.

Dr. Steve Forbes has issued his TorCon Forecast for today. The TorCon was created by Dr. Forbes to determine the likelihood that a tornado would hit a particular area. An 8 would mean there is an 80% chance that a tornado will strike within fifty miles of a location. Here are his TorCon numbers for today and as you can see he see four areas with the high level of "8".

Iowa: west night - 8

Iowa: central - 5

Iowa: central tonortheast night - 4 to 5

Kansas: central - 8

Kansas: east night - 8

Minnesota: southwest - 4

Minnesota: south, east-central night - 5

Missouri: northwest night - 6

Nebraska: central, east - 8

Oklahoma: west, north-central (except panhandle) - 7

OKlahoma: central, northeast night - 5

South Dakota: southeast night - 6

Texas: northwest near Wichita Falls - 7

Texas: central night, west of I-35 - 4

Wisconsin:  west-central night - 4

Other areas - less than 2