Apr 22 2012



Tornado - St. Louis
1896 St. Louis Tornado

Dr. Steve Forbes of the Weather Channel is considered the foremost authority of severe weather in the United States. He is the inventor of the TorCon scale which gives the percentage that a tornado will hit within 50 miles of your location. Forbes analyzed historical data of tornado deaths and economic impact to come up with the "Top 10 Worst U.S. Tornados".

Interestingly, three of the top five were in Missouri. Three of the top ten happened just last year in 2011. One was in New England in 1953.

You can click here to see astounding videos and the full details. Damage is in 2011 dollars. Here are the top five individual tornadoes of all time and their basics.You can click here to see the remainder of the ten.

1. Tri-State Tornado (March 18, 1925):

Dead: 691
Damagae: $1.46 Billion
Path: 219 miles

2. St. Louis Missouri (May 27, 1896):

Dead: 255
Damage: $2.56 Billion
Scale: F-4

3. Joplin, Missouri (May 22, 2011):

Dead: 159
Damage: $2.8 Billion
Homes: 7,500 homes lost/damaged

4. Tuscaloosa, Alabama (April 27, 2011):

Dead: 65
Damage: $2.2 Billion
Path: 81 miles

5. St. Louis, Missouri (September 29, 1927)

Dead: 72
Damage: $2.1 Billion
Homes: Over 200 blocks destroyed.

Video from security cameras inside a Joplin, Missouri school in 2011