May 15 2012



Dust Storm

-The above photograph taken in Arizona near Interstate 10 has an eerie feel of a pending apocalypse but actually instead is a bad approaching dust storm. Nature has been simply amazing the last couple of years.

-Here is more from the 'Outrageous Republicans of the Week' club. The Greene County, Virginia Republican Committee has called for 'armed revolution' if the President is re-elected. Wouldn't move to Greene County if I was y'all.

-Public Policy Polling (PPP) has constantly shown Montana Democratic incumbent United Senator Jon Tester losing by two to three points in their polls. In their last poll, there has been a shift and the rancher Democrat has opened up a 5 point lead! By the way, Obama is now only 5 points behind Mitt in the Big Sky state!

-Good news for our President in Virginia in that he holds 8 point lead over Mitt Romney according to the last PPP Poll.


-British farmer David Cundall has searched for years for World War II British Spitfires that were rumored to be buried in crates in the then Burmese jungle. Recently he discovered twenty of them buried in mint condition under forty feet of soil. One restored Spitfire in today's market would go for about $3 million.

-Minnesotans United for All Families has announced that a number of cities have come out against the anti-gay marriage amendment in that state's November election. Included were Minneapolis, St. Paul and Duluth. By the way, the latest polls have Obama leading by 14%.

-The last polls in North Carolina had Obama leading Mitt by 4%. Will be interesting to see the change, if any, after the President's announcement on marriage equality.


-Openly gay candidate Sean Maloney (above) who is running for the Democratic nomination in New York 18th District has been officially selected by the New York Democratic Party over other Democratic candidates. This is a rare occurrence.

-Here is a shocking and surprising statistic coming out of the United Kingdom. A report has found that 41% of 'trafficking victims' are male with 58% coming from Eastern Europe, 25% from Africa and 12% from Asia.

-Even the traditionally Republican leaning Rasmussen Survey has President Obama leading Mitt by 8% in Nevada.


-These are literally the first photographs ever of the rare Philippine Spotted Deer taken in the wild. They generally roam on three islands in the nation.

-Really good news coming out of Iowa. Obama has been trailing in the state but a recent poll has the President with a 10 point lead.

-Elizabeth Warren has once again pulled into a lead in Massachusetts over Republican Senator Scott Brown. She was trailing recently but now has a 2 point lead.

Blue Train

-The famous luxury luxury Rovos Rail Train  recently derailed in South Africa. The train is considered one of the best in the world.

-The Show Me state is sending us some really good news. Democratic United States Senate Claire McCaskill has pulled into a 5% to 8% lead in Missouri's senate race. The senator has been one of the most effective advocates for the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".

-Some weather models are predicting a formation of the season's first tropical storm toward the end of the month. If so, it would be named Alberto.

-Just love this poster making the rounds on Facebook. It sort of says it all, doesn't it?