Jun 18 2012





Wars, terrorism and oppression have all been committed in the name of controlling oil to fuel the world's super powers. Additional sources of oil and gas are being discovered almost weekly. Africa and Latin America are now potential new locations for giant oil reserves.

However, that can't be said of water. The world's population is literally exploding and water is needed dramatically for people to stay alive let alone function as a super power. Cities built in deserts and increased demands of agriculture to feed the massive population growth are putting unbelievable pressure on how we find and use our water.

The decision, for instance, to build a dam on the Mekong River in Laos despite intense protests from Vietnam and Cambodia: The dam could destroy the Mekong Delta forever. The same can be said of increasing tensions between nations all over the world because of shortages of water.

BusinessInsider.com says that, "1.6 billion people live in regions with absolute water scarcity and by 2025 two-thirds of the world's population could be living under water stressed conditions."

And it's just getting worse."

Here are ten basic facts from the story by Gus Lubin: Go to the site to see all of the compelling charts and diagrams that go with the story.

1. Global water use has quadrupled in the past century and it is not getting better.

2. Most of the world's major river basins face high stress levels.

3. Americans use the most water per person. What happens when more nations become more developed and have a greater demand?

4. In terms of net water consumption, Europe imports hundreds of BILLIONS of cubic meters of water per year.

5. China's demand for water will exceed supply in just twenty years. In fact, most of China currently has less water than the Middle East.

6. 40% of the children in Africa and India have stunted growth due to unclean water and malnutrition.

7. India will run out of water by the year 2050.

8. The Arab World is already depleting non-renewable water aquifers.

9 Water World Wars could be not too off in the future. Ground Zero for such a conflict most likely will start in the Bangladesh, India, Indochina and Pakistan area.

10. All the while, Climate Change will increase the severity of drought and affect the supply of renewable water.

Watch this important video on the coming water crisis.