Jun 26 2012




-Prince William has become a 'Royal Patron' of the wildlife charity "The Tusk Trust" which is attempting to save the world's rhino population. The Trust is striving to return the highly endangered Black Rhino into the wild. He calls poachers, "Extremely ignorant, selfish and utterly wrong."

-Utah Senator Orrin Hatch is expected to survive his primary today and is leading his right wing challenger by 28 points! Imagine, we live in an America where Orrin Hatch is too liberal for his own party!

-Eighteen percent of Americans could never bring themselves to vote for a Mormon. Many of those are Pentecostal Christians but can't help but wonder how many of them are also LGBT voters.

-Linda Hirshman's book Victory about the history of the modern day LGBT rights movement is getting a lot of attention this week with a review on the front page of the "New York Times Book Review." Every author should be so lucky with the review and its placement.

-Who are the ten highest paid actress this year in Hollywood? You might be surprised who nailed down the number one position. Is it Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz or Kristen Stewart? Actress Meryl Streep is number 8:

-New York's Gay City News has run a lengthy profile of City Council President and mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn.

-"Oh beautiful for spacious skies..." those lyrics don't ring true for a huge number of rich Americans who are giving up their American citizenship to avoid their fair share in taxes. Are these the same people who love sending the sons and daughters of the poor to war?

-CNN created a list of the most expensive and affordable neighborhoods for the LGBT community. The difference from the most expensive to affordable is striking!.

-Mother Jones has an incredible and disturbing article on the fate of our oceans. Folks are systematically destroying them. You can view the video or read the article.

-"I'm From Driftwood" which has been collecting the stories of LGBT Americans all over the country is having a great fundraiser on July 14th with their second annual rooftop Bar-B-Que. Put on your hat, wear those boots and get some good ole fashion ribs! Check here for the details.

-The Huffington Post "Gay Voices" has run a brilliant essay by one of my favorite people - comedian and author Bob Smith. He is combating Lou Gehrig's Disease with dignity, humor and insightful writings. My favorite line of his is "Lou Gehrig's Disease? I don't even like baseball!" Be sure to read "Silence=Death: The Education of a Comedian."

-Ron McCullom writes for EBONY magazine "Can Kenya Lead Africa Forward on Gay Rights?" Given the situation for LGBT citizens on the continent, it is a very important article.


-First Lady Michele Obama will lead the official United States Delegation to the London Olympics next month. Look for her at the Opening Ceremony.

-When it comes to our President's religion there is still one out of ten Americans who think he is a Muslim according to the latest Gallup Poll. Ignorance is one thing, but wanton stupidity is quite another.

-BuzzFeed.com is carrying the most adorable live feed I have ever seen. A cat has given birth to seven kittens and I have been watching them grow up the last week.

Live video by Ustream

-"24/7 Wall Street" has listed ten brands that will disappear in 2012 and among the ten are Avon and American Airlines!

-While we are on the subject of corporate America, BusinessInsider.com has put out a list of "The 15 Most Disliked Companies In America." Among those who Americans have little love include Bank of America, DirectTV and Aetna.

-U-2's star, Adam Clayton, employed a housekeeper who stole over $4 million dollars from him over the years including losing $600,000 at the race track. Guess it isn't such a "Beautiful Day" after all.


-More than 15,000 historic aerial photographs have been discovered and saved. They were taken in Great Britain from 1919 to 1953. The DailyMailOnline has compiled some of them and you can see the rest at their site.

-The latest American Research Group poll shows our President leading Mitt Romney by 8 points in New Hampshire.

-Think Progress reports that the number of people living in extreme poverty has jumped an astounding 50% over the last decade! Wow.

-This is a moving powerful ad by workers about the businessman policies of Mitt Romney.....this is a must watch in this election year.