Jun 25 2012



Change In Amazon Rainforest in Twenty Years

The very first 'Earth Summit' was held twenty years ago in Rio de Janeiro. This year leaders from around the world are gathering in Rio to examine the state of the world's environment since that first summit just two decades ago. The United Nations Environment Program has prepared a report to dramatically illustrate the undeniable fact that we are simply running out of time.

BusinessInsider.com has published 23 of the most dramatic changes. Go to the site to see the rest. 

1. In 20 years there are 1.5 billion more people - an increase of 27%!

2. The average person eats 26% more meat and 26% more fish since 1992!

3. There has been an astounding 36% increase of carbon dioxide emissions for a grand total of 30 billions tons into the air.

4. The ten hottest years on record all have taken place within the last twenty years!

5. In just 20 years we have lost 741,316,144 acres of forests! This is an area the size of Argentina which is the 8th largest country in the world!

6. Biodiversity in the tropics has dropped by 30% because of the lost of forests.

7. The production of plastics has increased by 130% in the two decades an increase of 149 million tons.

8. The number of reported natural disasters has doubled from about 200 a year to 400 a year. In 2010 over 300,000 people died in a natural disasters.

9. We are losing our sea life and fish. 13% of the fish have been fully exploited. 33% have been depleted with some recovery. Tuna catches have increased by 1,000 tons (35%) pushing some species to the brink of extinction.

10. We have seen a 110% increase in the number of 'megacities' (at least 10 million people per city). We have gone from 10 'megacities' to currently 21. The city of Tokyo, with 37 million people, has more people than Canada!