Jul 10 2012




Socialite and composer Denise Rich has decided to renounce her American citizenship in order not to pay her fair share of taxes. Her greed has led her to turn her back on the country that has been extremely good to her over the years. Even President Clinton, answering her strong pleas, gave her ex-husband a pardon for his criminal financial behavior,

Unfortunately, she is not alone. Over a thousand wealthy people have renounced their American citizenship in order to make more money and avoid paying taxes when their country most needs them.

Sgt tim conrad

Denise Rich and all the rest of the 'rich refugees' need to look at the above photograph of the family of Sgt. Timothy Conrad who was killed in Afghanistan at the age of 22. When he was killed serving his country he left a young wife and a seven month old baby.

Seeing the sacrifices that Americans are making in some many different ways to help America get back on its feet it makes the act of Denise Rich all the more disgusting. If the above picture doesn't strike a cord, maybe the picture of American children who go to bed every night hungry which her taxes could help feed.  In fleeing America to save money, she leaves all these people behind for personal profit.

How silly of me, I forgot, she doesn't give a damn about any of them anymore.