Jul 2 2012




In the news today was a story saying that Mitt Romney was going to raise over a hundred million dollars in his new report. In the same news cycle was another story about our President being on the phone begging our major donors to pony up. This is just wrong. There is no way the Republicans should out-raise us and the LGBT community knows it better than anyone else.

When push has come to shove over the years we have raised millions to fight for our rights. Now we have to lead the way for our President. Our major donors should not be giving $40,000 but should be writing $500,000 to $1,000,000 checks for the PACS supporting the President.

Each and every one of us should be sending in a monthly pledge of anywhere from $5 to $100 to support our President. If a half a million of us invested just $40 a month ($10 a week) over the next four months we would raise just from our community a total of an astounding $80 million dollars for the campaign. Even better if we could send our total of $160 into the President upfront so they have it to do what is required to run an effective early campaign. Seems like a great project for the Human Rights Campaign to find 500,000 of us to each to give $40 a month to this effort.

Otherwise say good-bye to a progressive Supreme Court, prepare to fight against a Constitutional Amendment on marriage equality and think of those hateful, judgmental people having power over our lives.

In those terms $10 a week doesn't seem like a whole lot does it? 

Make your donation and pledge here!