Jul 11 2012



Ed Kennedy

When notorious anti-LGBT advocate Maggie Gallagher came to West Virginia to speak on the Capitol steps against marriage equality she hadn't counted on Ed Kennedy being a resident of the state. Kennedy, who writes the outstanding and delightful blog "Morning Meme" on AfterElton.com, took her to task and called her hateful remarks "monstrous."

Ms. Gallagher didn't like her remarks being categorized in that fashion and called Ed out in The National Review.

Oh, Ms. Gallagher, you made such a mistake. The articulate Kennedy fired back and here is an excerpt from his public statement to her. Be sure to read the entire open letter because it is just perfection.

But the things you say are monstrous. Particularly because they put a polite and kindly gloss on something that at its heart is very ugly and does damage to a lot of people. "Not this, not now?" Sorry, but marriage equality is NOT an affront to civilized society, and when you hold it out as such, you make it harder for gay youth who through no fault of their own are stuck in communities and families that say they and their relationships are "less than" their friends who are straight.

When organizations that you have been key in guiding like the National Organization for Marriage plan to encourage children of gay parents to speak out against them, you hurt real families. When NOM planned to divide this country based on race, you hurt an even wider audience, opening wounds that are yet to heal and go back hundreds of years. Your words, however civil on their face, create fear, division, and distrust. When the affiliated Ruth Institute publishes snippets of essays by anti-gay folks like Michael Brown, and then link to stories hinting at gay men being pedophiles, you knowingly foment the prejudices of others far less "civil" than you. This is uncivil. This is monstrous.