Jul 5 2012



One of the world's most powerful telescopes is simply called the Very Large Telescope (VLT) and is located in the Atacama Desert of Chile. It is considered a prime location for viewing the night sky. The entrance to that desert wasteland is one of the most beautiful valleys in Chile. The Valle del Elqui has sunshine for almost the entire year, two observatories (Cerro Tololo and Cerro Mamalluca), plus vineyards and lakes.

The Nobel Prize winner for literature Gabriela Mistral was born in this stunning beauty. Named simply "Mistral" you can visit her home and grave.

However the key to traveling to this valley is the heavens. It has one of the clearest night skies of anyplace on earth. You can make reservations to go to the two observatories but Inthralld.com has found a very special place to look into the night. Head right to the Elqui Domo Night Viewing Cabins.

Inthralld.com describes these small special places:

Architects Rodrigo Duque Motta are behind the 2011 renovation of a small site called ‘Elqui Domo’ with a few cabin style hotel rooms in the Valle Del Elqui in Chile. The land that the project is situated on is in between the Andes Mountains, making for some amazing weather and night sky views for astronomy.

So the latest designs in cabins feature fabric domes that have unique roof hatches to enable the guests to watch the stars from the comfort of their room. The renewed rooms have a great play on the textiles used, and they feel light, bright, and airy.

Each cabin is multi-tiered, allowing the vacationers to feel as if there are differentiating spaces within the one small space and still keep things specially unique.

Roof decks make the cabins that much more personalized and true to the surrounding nature and landscape, all while keeping guests interested and maximizing their vertical space.