Sep 14 2012



-God bless New York State! President Obama is leading Mitt Romney by 28 points in the latest Quinnipiac University Poll. The President has a 35 point lead among women.

-The same poll has Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (above)  leading Republican Wendy Long by 64% to 27%.

-Public Policy Polling (PPP) has Obama leading by 51% to 44% in Minnesota.

-Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow is leading Republican Pete Hoekstra by a safe 11% in there race for re-election in Michigan.

-A new poll by OnSight Public Affairs and Project New America has President Obama leading Romney by 49% to 44% in Colorado. Other polls show a little tighter race.

-The Republican leaning Rasmussen Reports Poll shows a closer race than expected in the "Show Me" State of Missouri. Mitt leads with 48% and the President has 45% with a third party candidate at 4%.

-Openly gay candidate Sean Maloney is running a strong campaign in upstate New York and here is his first campaign ad. Polls show his race with incumbent Congresswoman Nan Hayworth is neck and neck.

-An Iowa Poll shows that the approval for marriage equality in Iowa has jumped from 37% in 2009 to the latest 48%.  Also the pro-LGBT Supreme Court Justice might win! 

-Survey USA has good news from Florida! President Obama is leading Mitt by 48% to 44%. Amazingly the President is leading among Cuban-Americans by 16 points!

-Fox News Poll, of all sources, says that across the nation the President is leading Mitt by 48% to 43%.

-The auto workers of Michigan are coming through for the President. In an EPIC-MRA poll, the President is leading Mitt by 47% to 37%. The same poll done two weeks earlier had the President leading Romney by only 3%.

-Same trend in Ohio with Public Policy Polling showing the President leading 50% to 45% in the Buckeye State!

-Democratic Congressman Martin Heinrich (above) keeps opening up a huge lead in New Mexico against Republican Heather Wilson for an open seat in the U.S. Senate. Heinrich is leading 50% to 41%.

-PPP also has President Obama leading Mitt in New Mexico by 53% to 42%.

-A very tight race in Montana for U.S Senate according to PPP. Democratic incumbent Senator Jon Tester leads over Denny Rehberg by 48% to 43%. Interestingly, Libertarian candidate Dan Cox is showing at 8% in the survey.

-The same poll show when you add the Libertarian candidate for President, Gary Johnson in a poll in Montana the Presidential race becomes close. Mitt receives 46%, Obama is at 43% and Johnson has 7%.

-In Missouri, Republican leading Rasmussen Reports has Incumbent Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill (below)still leading right wing Republican Todd Akin by 49% to 43%. Still appalling that a man like Akin could even get that close!


-Elizabeth Warren got a bounce from the National Democratic Convention and she is in contention again. In the Kimball Political Consulting Poll, Republican incumbent Scott Brown receives 46% to Warren's 45%.

-In Washington State, the KING5 News Poll has the President leading Mitt by a margin of 54% to 38%! Getting to love that state more and more.

-Gallup Poll found that 45% of Americans would like to see a third party!