Sep 20 2012




Polls are flying off the wires fast and furious. As we get closer to the election we will see more and more polls. Next week Iowa begins early voting and the following week we will see Ohioans head to the polls.

Nate Silver has an interesting article about polls who use live interviewers and include cell phones. Those are the best polls for the President. Also Silver feels they might be the most reliable polls. Take a look at this chart from Nate Silver and then check out his site for the story for the details.


Here are some samples from the latest polls:

-The U.S. Senate race in Virginia might be opening up. The latest Washington Post Poll in shows Democrat Tim Kaine leading Republican George Allen by 51% to 43%.

-Another Wisconsin poll is backing up the trend forward for Democrat Tammy Baldwin with here leading Republican Tommy Thompson by 51% to 41%. That 10 points is her strongest lead so far.

-That same poll, Marquette Law Poll, shows President Obama leading in Paul Ryan's home state of Wisconsin by 14 points! That poll in August had the President only leading by 3 points.

-The latest Fox News Polls have Obama leading in three key battleground states.  In Virginia it is Obama 50% to 43%.  In Ohio, the President leads 49% to 42%. Finally, in Florida the President is out front by 49% to 42%. And, my friends, these polls are from Fox News.


-Democrats have a surprise chance of picking up a United States Senate seat in Indiana. Democratic Congressman Joe Donnelly (above) is leading Tea Party Republican Richard Mourdock. Incumbent Republican Senator Dick Lugar was defeated by Mourdoch in the primary and he now refuses to endorse Mourdoch.

-The most recently released national poll, Pew Research now has President Obama leading Mitt by 51% to 43%. This time four years ago the President was tied with John McCain.

-The same polling concern had Americans approving of the President's handling of the attacks on our embassies by 45% while only 26% approved of Romney's statements.


-The Suffolk University Poll is the fourth straight poll that has Democrat Elizabeth Warren leading Republican Scott Brown. She leads 48% to 44%.

-That same poll had Mitt's favorability rating in Massachusetts at only 32%. Since he was their Governor, as the old saying goes, 'those that know you best....'

-Well, California is not going to be close! The new Field Poll has President Obama leading Mitt by 58% to 34%. Los Angeles County is going for the President with 66% of the vote! Latinos in the Golden State are giving the President 72% of the vote!


-Nationwide the support among Hispanics keeps growing. The Impremedia/Latino Decision Poll finds the President with 68% to 26%!

-Independent Angus King is now leading by only 8 points just ahead of the Republican. Maybe King should have run as a Democrat.

-One of those cell phone and personal interviewer polls, NBC/Wall Street Journal, has the President leading Mitt by 50% to 45%. By Latina (female voters) it is a margin of 74% to 21%!

-In three swing states, the latest New York Times/CBS Poll shows that all three are convinced that Romney favors the rich. In Virginia, 56% of the people say a Romney administration would favor the wealthy. In Wisconsin, the number was 55%. Finally, in Colorado figure was 54%.

-According to the Western New England University Poll in Massachusetts, the President has 60% and former Governor Mitt Romney has only 38%!  

-In Oregon, the Survey Research Poll has Obama leading Mitt by 50% to 41%!


-The Philadelphia Inquirer has Obama leading Mitt in New Jersey by 51% to 37%. Interestingly the seven South Jersey counties has given the President 56% to 34%. That area has traditionally gone Republican.

-The same poll has the President leading in Pennsylvania by a strong 11 points!

-Finally in the President's home state of Illinois, the President is leading Mitt by 47% to 33%!